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I know this is a demo, so this might not be a bug, but I thought I should point this out. I completed the first quest, went back into the forest and lost. I exited the game, came back and now I cannot enter the forest. I click on the icon, but nothing happens.

Thanks for pointing that out. Can you  walk us through how it happen? what are the checks? Have you completed playing out the cutscenes etc?

Same problem occurred to me. Completed intro adventure. Did some more adventuring to grind gold. Exited with [esc] clicked yes when asked if I'm sure. Tried logging back  in and cannot click woods icon. it does not highlight when you mouse over it. Will work if I start over again, but when coming back after exiting same problem.

On a different tack the treasures/interactables in the woods don't seem to have consistent activation spot to click. Sometimes I give up and continue through woods because not idea which pixel it wants me to click on.

Thanks for the feedback Kinshar. I'll see what I can do. :D

As far as I know, completing the first quest is half of the trigger. And then it's either losing a battle or exiting the game that completly triggers the bug.

Understood.  Making a detailed report out of this. Thanks Noone. :)