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We're not giving up. in fact we're currently cleaning what we currentlyhave now.

Thanks for the kind words , Dyn! :) 

  It may be an uphill battle but I do my best. :)

this is more than a year behind vs the steam version.

There will be a new demo on the upcoming months. it has been a painful process way but we're currently finished balancing hoops and adding newer contents for the next demo.  :)

I have no idea on how easy it will be since i just mainly do art and dificulty can be quite relative to each individual. 

we'll see how it goes when it's done. :)

Just a bit more. I'm almost done  with the animations.

Hello Buff,

Not sure how steam updates work but I don't think it will Corrupt any savefiles in the upcomming build. That said, there may be a time when it'll happen as we're expanding the map ( for the goblin arc), doing skill rework and some overall changes on the QoL aspect ( i reckon you'll see some glimpse of it in the next  build :) ). As for TF aspect, I don't think so. 

Hope this helps. :)

Early september.

Steam build is 10 versions ahead going to 12 by september.
the public build has been ceased for almost a year.

Yes, It may take awhile though but it is planned in the future as Mac is rather strict with steam. :) that said, I do think the patreon one has a mac build if you are subscribed.

Too early to say for now.

there are more or less 8 versions ahead of this and there will be more coming next month. so yeah it'll exceed 60 weeks. 

Side note: insofar as I know, this build already surpasses week 60.

The game is undergoing a major mechanic overhaul. it will change some functions by the time it's done.

You can read all about it here:

There is an android version on our patreon tiers.

I dont think it is but I think there is a toggle you need to check before you can browse adult games on steam.

The game is uncensored.


Yeah it's a bug. I think that's already been resolved in the next build. Forwarding it to the programmer just in case. :)

Pretty much. We've implemented the core elements for this build now and we're onto polishing state. Hopefully the alpha builds will be sent out soon for further testing. eitherway, you can check the monthly report here:

Thank you so much for the follow up. It's easier to narrow it down this way. :)
JRX will resolve the issue and hopefully fixed in the next demo. 
Again , Thank you so much for the report. 

Yeah, even with the standalone .exe. it doesnt cause such an issue for us. We'll look into this matter.

This is actually the first time we've gotten this kind report. 
Eitherway can you send us the specs you had the browser used?

Lol! Thanks alot for the video man! It really means alot to us. :)
The next demo is several months away and I'm still finishing new contents.

Btw, I wish you godspeed on your NNN endeavour! we're almost at 10th! :)

It's what we're currently working in that month. It usually meant their batle sprite as I do the lust sprites in parralel with everything.

Heya, We're currently building the next demo with all the 4 characters in place and finishing one of the core elements in the game. 

Here is the roadmap on what will be developed in that month. After all these are done, we're going to move to testing and then release.

We're going to divulge the frequency of the next updates by then as I am currently making 23 new Lust sprites and newer animations for the game in this period.

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You have to remove thefirst one and move the save file to the next patch. It is technically like that in the pc version as there's no "online patch", just downloading and installing it manualy.

From rummaging the forums, it seems you can find the android file in the directory: SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves

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Thanks for the feedback NeoWick. Made a report out of this feedback.

Thanks alot for the kind words Moon. :)

It's planned but not set in stone. We're short of  staff as I am just one guy making the art for the whole game and we're not even far out of the development yet.

We'll  tackle this issue once we get more staff or finish most of the priorities done in the future.

So sorry about that.

Not yet set in stone as we have to have a dedicated person to test it properly and we're immensely short on staff.. We'll have more decisive answer in the future.

please accept our apologies.

Thanks for the feedback Kinshar. I'll see what I can do. :D

Understood.  Making a detailed report out of this. Thanks Noone. :)

Comments sent to JRX. thanks alot Crane :)

Thanks for pointing that out. Can you  walk us through how it happen? what are the checks? Have you completed playing out the cutscenes etc?