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Hey, great game, I enjoy it, but have a problem. I'm playing on a MacBook with a 13.3 inch display, and no matter what resolution I set the game to, part of the right side of the screen is cut off. Can someone explain how I can fix this?

No idea, but if you play windowed you might be able to manually move the window to a position where the blind spot is smaller and on both sides, or something like that...

Tried that already, doesnt work, but thanks anyway. actually, I do know why this happens (probabley): i used my small tv as a moniter, and it displayed right, so since the display in my laptop is 13.3, thats probabley why that happens.

Oh. XD

Can you tell me which screen resolution your macbook has

mine has the same problem mine's resolution is 1440 x 900