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Hi! Just wanted to say that I am REALLY excited for your game even tho I haven't played the demo because I just want to wait for the final product (I am betting I am not the only one).

A couple of things:

The main idea is great and one of the reasons I am looking forward to this.

The character designs are GORGEOUS.  It is seriously hard to decide best girl by looks alone. They do not only look good, they really stand out and are not very generic. Btw this is actually one of the biggest reasons many indie VN's never take off, regardless of quality. Good art REALLY attracts people.

When you make the kickstarter it would be a good idea to post it at the /r/visualnovels subreddit, they usually support quality stuff (the Idol Manager guys did this)

Good luck with the project! This really looks fantastic. Take your time, don't rush it!

Thank you so much for your support and excitement! While a part of me wants to really recommend playing the demo if you're curious about the game, another part is kinda happy to see people so excited for the game that they want to experience it first in it's complete state. It's nice to hear, and in any case, thank you so much for the support.

Thank you for the kind words on the design! Ippers really knocked it out of the park with these designs and I really could not be any happier. Check out their other art and follow them on Twitter, all their art is just as good!

I posted this demo to r/visualnovels and the feedback I got was super good, and the analytics on tell me quite a few downloads came from the reddit post I made. I am very thankful for all their support so far, and will be sure to link the kickstarter then too!

I will make sure to find the balance between productivity and quality writing, don't worry :)
Thanks again for the kind words!