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Thank you!

Btw, is the Demo here updated as well? I noticed that here on it is aroung 500mb and almost 1gb in steam. It does says the one here on was last updated 2 years ago

Also, is the Demo Content unchanged in the Full Game or significantly different? Like with new CGs or revised scenarios/events?

For some reason Dimitri hasn't updated or announced it here, I would recommend you to do so Dimitri! I also was wondering if the latest Demo progress will without issue into the main game, if you can just continue where the demo leaves (whatever routes and saves you have) once the full version is out without issues.

I really hope this gets fixed ASAP!

The "description" alone is making me feel things.

For anyone else confused like me, it seems like this is an official spin-off of an actual comic series, did I get that right?

IMO it might be a good idea to also have different polls to separate the actual main romance routes (Kate, Nathan, etc.), Work Routes, Club Routes, and Side Routes. I think that otherwise the Main Romance routes will heavily outperform the minor ones.

How many chapters are there planned to be? I am looking forward to the completed game!

Is the game complete or not? Seems like it keeps getting updates on Patreon so I am not sure

This looks really good and has tons of potential! Looking forward to the future of this project!

OMG CONGRATS! I have been waiting years for it, I hope the game is a huge success in all  senses!

Oooh a reverse isekai dating sim! Neat idea, and the designs are good! I hope the project is a success, and I will check it out once there is more progress on it!

This has lots of potential, and I love the art style! It is a shame however that the NSFW doesn't include visuals. I am guessing it is temporary and will change in the future.

The artwork, art style, and character designs are fantastic! I haven't tried it yet because I will be waiting for the game to be more completed, but I wanted to at least say some words of support, looking forward to it!

The steam version is already released as Early Access, I am guessing the pricing here will be updated sooner than later, right?

That new CG of Isabella that is featured on the side bar is PERFECT. Sassy and confident girls who know what they want are fantastic and we need more of them!

I don't know what your plans are for it, but I would be so incredibly happy if the running club side route is building up to a threesome or maybe even a F/M/F polycule, I love the chemistry between those 3!

Hoping that the release is a success! I really believe you and your team has a bright future ahead, and can only get better with time!

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I am not sure if the following is accurate to the state of the game, but I recommend using it if it is.

"The demo is available and free for all, but for now the full game is accessible only to Kickstarter Backers. The 99$ paywall is a temporary block measure that will  be lifted once we release the full game for all in a few weeks."

It is because it is for the Early Access/Beta Testing right? I think you should make that detail more clear because it might give off the wrong impression.

Ok I 100% prefer the new design!

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I just downloaded the game and for some reason none of the RNPCs are showing up at all! How to fix?

EDIT: NVM, found out how to see them.

This looks fantastic! Will give the demo a try and I really hope the kickstarter and proyect are a success!

V1 way better than V2.

V3 is really good but it looks like a completely different character altogether. You could reserve this design for another character later on or even for another game.

Played the first game recently and I was super impressed by its depth and amount of details!

Tried the demo, and I am really glad to see that the art has gotten much better. I do hope it stays consistent. It is very jarring to see the same character in different art styles, specially if one is much better than the other one.

I really hope you guys polish this aspect of the game!

Excited to see that the game finally has a release date! Hype!

Would it be possible to have some more threesomes? I would love to offer Damien or Kate to Dom V., or pressure Sub V. into a threesome with either of them.

Both sides are romantic iirc

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I hope kisses are wholesome enough for the game to have kissing CGs.

The art style and character designs are fantastic! I will look forward to this being complete someday!

Also, this is just a fantastic idea for a character:

"Eva the bratty but religious succubus"

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Out of the main routes, Kate and Violet are both perfect in completely different ways.  Heck, same with Sub V. and Dom V; also, when you go drama you absolutely nail it. I wasn't expecting the "route blocks" and they really make you feel bad for your actions.

The athetic club sub route better end in a triangle polyamorous relationship of sorts (or at least a threesome) because damn the 3 of them are fucking great. Chelsea, Goth Girl and Sports Guy are great and have had ton of build up.

The brown girl from Kenzie clique is incredible hot. Love her design and pose.

You better be able to corrupt Olivia in the cheerleader group.

Also, fuck Matt. Even if you try to make his route as consensual as possible  he still is a huge asshole.

Only real complaint is that some of the writing outside of the main routes can be quite a slog. The whole deal with the lady vendor and a lot of the yearbook stuff comes off as unnecessarily long and detailed. It just makes me wish it was time and effort spent in the better aspects of the game instead. Just my opinion tho, you guys know which are your priorities and what you want for the game.

A proper skip function and save system are really needed. Character designs and artsyle are good, the sex CG are real good, the newest ones with Isabella are top tier.

I am so happy to see that this project is still on progress! I didn't even check the OG demo when I discovered this years ago because I was planning to play it all blind, but I may check this new demo out!


I am hyped as fuck for Sakuya and Noriko!

Thank you for all of your hard work! I love your game!

I just discovered the game recently, and if it is only at around 40% done, it has a shit ton of content! I am really amazed!

I just wanted to comment that Charlotte's 2 endings for Chapter 1 are both super hot and I really hope that the full game expands on what both "paths" are for everyone. On one hand, the "Romantic" side was adorable and kinda awesome. Holding Charlotte on my arms while kissing and teasing each other legits warmed my heart, and plot wise has potential to be really interesting, "I am legit falling in love more with my GF's friend" sort of complicated situation.

On the other route, dominating Charlotte was super hot, and is also interesting plot wise, as it is leading to a "toxic yet super hot relationship". I can pretty much say something similar to most routes. Helps that the current artwork and designs are super good, props to the artists and I hope they keep working on this!