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Can i know how long it took you to made this game? You'd done pretty everything in this game and it seems to be a huge amount of contents, so i really curious =)

The base game was done roughly in 2 years, but with the small tweaks and additions that have been rolling, it's been 2 and a half years now since I started the project.

I wouldn't suggest similar schedules to everyone though. I've literally lived and breathed only Fear & Hunger for those 2 years and neglected pretty much everything else in my life. I think I need to learn to balance things better with future projects.

Now i totally agree with you that we need to balance between  real life & game dev. But i really admire how you could  totally live with Fear&Hunger and ignored other things. Even i know it is killing yourself (lol) but if i  can do that i wil do the same anyhow.
Recently i totally stuck with ideas for my games, so i  search letplay videos on youtube  for inspiration. By coincidence i found Fear&hunger let's play videos by Nico the Sergal; Man, i can't believe you could have such brilliant ideas for you game (such as Beheaded Wizard  and  the way Darkness slowly move into Scene - such brilliant).