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Hey! You've got some good bones with this game so far. It's a bit rough around the edges with the pacing and voice work, and the enemies aren't as responsive as I'd like for combat to feel really frenetic and intense, but the underlying controls, story, and overall design are going in the right direction. 

I hope the tutorial will be better integrated into the game since I'm not sure where that location is compared to the forest the demo starts in. If it's just made up for the demo or if it's an area you can actually access in the world. Either way, I do like the variety of attacks. Keep tweaking, keep polishing, and you'll end up with some something great. Good luck!


Thank you for the nice comment. The tutorial was delivered all in one but in the main game it's more spread out throughout the game. 

I hope we do get to deliver in the end! ;) 

Thanks for Playing.