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Be prepared to klung onto dear life as you grapple at breakneck speeds through a claustrophobic corridor to escape ravenous sick cells!'Klung' is a simple but difficult game that rewards timing and punishes impatience.

With fluid gameplay and a quick restart system encased within a permadeath endless runner you'll be making sure every grapple counts as you flee from hordes of sickened cells out to make you one of them.

It is in this simplicity that the genius of this fast paced feature lies as it boils down one traversal mechanic and perfects it.

With game jam winning entry 'Up Nest'* in havana24's portfolio and a surefire gem here we will definitely be following the future endeavours of this game developer


*'Up-Nest' by havana24, winner of #StencylJam18

As always thanks for the review and for the video! You're awesome and I'm glad you liked the game! :)