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it's a cameo, demon wing ren is also in the pub sucking dick.

it's not canon though. 

Oh no, so it was really Ren in this humiliating position in the bar! I said to myself that it couldn't be her, no way the heroic princess would be in this disgusting place and would act prideless. But it was really her after all... Why did you make this? Why did you humiliate your heroine for no reason like that? I really dislike to see Ren like this if it is not a game over scene because I can understand that you punish her if she fails but here, what did she do to deserve such humiliation?

It is canon if it is the work of the original creator, which it is.

So you just wanted to make cameos from your other games, I understood that much, however cameos have to fit into the setting. Kiri's appearance is off-topic here, it doesn't fit into the setting, which caused me to feel puzzled about it and ask you "What Kiri was doing here?".

Same for Ren, her presence here is absolutely off-topic, like Kiri's, they don't make sense and just harm the game's consistency. If you want to make your characters make appearances in each other games, then at least please think about a setting which fits to do so.

If Ren was here, it would be to shut down the place. Maybe because this place is in her kingdom, she heard about it, came to investigate it, and knowing her character, she definitely woud want to get rid of this disgusting place in her kingdom.

Kiri would be here to support her along with Emi since the 3 of them are a team.

The only reason I find they would be here would be to shut down the place.

They might make an appearance at the end of the game, we could see them arriving leading the royal army to assault the dungeon and capture the slavers, puting an end to the traffic of women.

Actually that would improve the conclusion because it has always bothered me that Kenzie and Lili escape the dungeon and leave everyone behind in their misery as if they don't care about the other victims of this traffic, as if they don't feel any empathy.

I have always wished an ending where the traffic is terminated and all of the women are saved.

And since you wanted to make Ren and Kiri make an appearance in this game, the game could conclude with Kenzie and Lili informing the royal guard of the traffic of women going on in Ren's kingdom and then Ren, Emi and Kiri leading the royal army to assault the place and arrest everyone to put an end to the traffic of women, this would be a satisfying conclusion. :-)

The current conclusion which is "Kenzie and Lili escape and the slavers keep doing their disgusting business ever after." doesn't feel satisfying because it feels really selfish, yes the heroines are free, but what about the other women? No one cares about them? I do.

that's not how canon works.

Then how does canon work?

word of god mostly, just because the same characters appear in different works does not mean that those characters are the same version of those characters.

this isnt hentai rpg cinematic universe i'm going for