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Is it possible to import/export text format? I am asking before downloading cuz i wanna know can it help me or no. (text format is like:

p # # #

. . o .

# . . #


Where "p" is player, "#" is wall, "o" is something else.

Also, is it possible to change graphics of things you place? For example i have white sprite and i want to use grey, orange, red, purple variantions of that sprite.

(yeah, i am talking about Tres Undos)


This particular custom text format is not supported out of the box, but you could write a JavaScript extension that adds such a format using tiled.registerMapFormat.

Regarding using the same graphics in multiple colors, this is currently only possible by using multiple layers, since each layer can have a custom tint color.

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Sounds not very hard but harder than level-editor that game already has lol. I asked for other games. Like "Robot wants it all" (there map is PICTURE. Maps there are really hard to edit. You can make pictures with Tiled, yeah?). Thanks for answer (and for tool lol).


Yes, it is also possible to make pictures using the Tiled scripting API, by creating and saving an Image.