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Huh, for some reason this game doesn’t work on firefox right now. I remember playing it before. Console says that it failed to load every script in enemies/. I wonder if you can reproduce and maybe try to fix the issue? But that’s probably not possible, i don’t even know what’s wrong…

Oh, nevermind, ad-blocker is being funny..

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I made small mod, where your skin looks like you’re npc guy :3 You can play it at old link, new one where you can choose skin:

How is it going? I decided that I can try speedrunning the game, so I tried to make map. So far I only made main path (it just shows how should you move to collect all collectibles), and you can see it at . (There is .xcf file in same folder, if you have GIMP you can download it and edit map yourself if you want).

Hi, I hope this is right place to reask :p Can you make your game downloadable, so I could use “Godot reverse engineering tools” to try to make mods? Thanks (look at bad bodyguards comments to see my previous comment)

Okay, thanks for answer! Then, if I’ll ever make mods for this game (I probably will not) I’ll use some hacking tools :3. I think it would be cool if you will release it to pc too.

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image.png xd

good game

Can you share it’s code for modding?

Just saw that “unpause” is broken. If you unpause with “esc” then everything is fine, but if you click button then menu open if click in top left corner, and you can accidentaly return to menu.


I’m stupid i can’t understand what to do with uninverted frog :sob:

About increasing size, as far as i know you can import most libraries with <script> in html, which doesn’t change size much. But again, i really know nothing about them.

I’m not sure. I think that the time when i just was experementing around was cooler, because i didn’t have a goal. I just did something “stupid but fun”, unlike this game.

Btw i’m not sure if it’s possible to get that upgrade lol… It’s possible to kill all enemies, you can try to play hard mode, there is just one hp and you can’t get more, and it’s not even REALLY hard.

Pro tip: don’t try to reach that upgrade. Also i think that this game is worse than previous, so i’ll not make more mods :c sorry.

Hi! Can you give hack link, please? This game is so cool that i want to try to make more levels for it! Or at least look at the code, to learn how to do things like these!

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Sorry! You are right. I know nothing about engine making, so that's unusual for me... i hope you could do something about that, because that's confusing and unintuitive. Thanks for your reply! ..but i think about syntax highlight you can just take highlight.js and add it to code? tho idk, i didn't use it.. I edited my previous message, because i understood how rude i was..

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1) Syntax highlight

2) Better docs (i can help if you want)

3) Img rotation

4) Update auto-upgrade.

5) Keep code undo after save (after save undo history is lost. Probably not your fault, but you can think about this)

6) Better level editor


1) VERY OFTEN when i draw sprite it erases everything, so only last 0.03 second of drawing are kept. Fixes by randomily moving mouse around ...or by opening GIMP and then "upload image " lol

2) Sometimes when pressing "enter" coding screen goes down, and new line becomes top line so you need to scroll up. (uh. minor bug. annoying.)

3) I think there are no more bugs? 2 bugs? perfect engine lol

Well, it's hard to make something good...... lol.....

No, based on my feed and's faq you will know when i'm rating something. Though, if i'm rating something, then you can probably play it lol

I used dev tools and there is text "godot" everywhere, so i guess you used godot lol. Can you share this game's source code? pleeeaaasseeeee :p

That's bug from original game, and i'm too lazy to fix it, because i will need to look how it works for second/third boss, then apply same for first, blablabla... btw.. i have follower now? hooow?? Do i need to care that when i rate someone can see my rating? never had followers before lol :p

(last one shouldn't happen because i can play your game just fine) Thanks for reply!

If you read description you probably saw "this game is possible with only hat/sword/hook :)" Original idea was: "who ever needs more max hp, i can beat whole game with one hp", then i thought that i can replace max hp with + max jumps, and then i just fit game to be fun with many jumps :p (AKA removed best mechanics: hat and hook :):

I think small metroidvanias allows Jani to try different things (map/enemies/magic/shops) which is good, and in big metroidvania he will have to choose what to use for whole game (you can't change game's main idea mid-game, right?)

Just one question... one last adventure, is just a name, right?

Lol, so sorry, for some reason i thought that i don't jump high enough to get there...

where are shoes .. lol...

Thanks for your message, but, like, can you at least say is stronger sword in dungeon...? Or where should i go to find it? (left/right/up/down/farm a lot of money and buy everything in shop...)

Hi! I can't explain how long did i wait for this! This is another cool metroidvania by you! But it's not "another" because this one is much more confusing lol.. I got lost... i enabled fans and portals, i think i tried to get everywhere, but i can't find where i can go.

Wait, i just thought.... If it's stored in browser... then maybe it updates only for me???

No, i changed project name it still updates. oh no.

window.blablabla works! Thank you! Yes, i saw rooms transitions, pretty smart, tho i improved it by also using "roomName+x+y", so for example if you are in room "badfgdf_0_5" and you go somewhere, you go in "badfgdf_3434_439, so prefix stays." "upgrade()" is function, which i saw in gameName.html (after "export game"), it's in start, and it's name and code make me think that it upgrades game to newer version. I can try to change ID, but idk if that would work :p. Probably if i'll change it then it will be disconnected from trash engine (right what i need), and you should add option "change ID on export to:" in settings :>

Oh, i'm not sure which Id to change. When i use search, there are a lot of Id, but i don't think any of them is right. You said "can change in settings", but there is nothing about id. Ig Id is project name, which you can change it top. Only problem is what when i'm trying to search for it, vscode lags, cuz all data is in one line >_< Ig i will try to change project name, export, and change it back lol. Probably after that best solution is to do changes in one Id, and when everything works correctly/when i want to release new version i should change project Id and save it lol. idk.

This is like "Dance of Cards", but blackjack. I don't like blackjack (nor poker) because those are just luck-based games. But this and "Dance of Cards" are very cool games. I really enjoyed this game. In my first try i died very soon, but after that i understood what healing is very important :) So i took hearts, And killed everybody on my way >:) Just.. very cool.

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When i save game in trash engine it also changes in WHY AND HOW AND CAN I STOP THIS SOMEHOW??? Y'know, i don't think version control things like git were created for fun :>

EDIT: I commented "upgrade()" and everything is fine now lol. Can you please add option in editor "auto-upgrade exported game"?? If no then i can try myself hehe

edit2: i uploaded it to after commenting upgrade() and... it doesn't work??? lol?????????

edit3: oh, that was build issue. So when i just open .html in browser, even if "upgrade()" is uncommented, it launches version with which it was exported. But auto-updates it........ wtf...

edit4: I uploaded it my github page, and... it didn't update.. uh what.

edit5: probably just a github pages issue. Tho idk how else i can check.

You really should play original, it's very short, about 20 minutes, but it's really cool. Also thank you so much for your comment :)

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(i somehow reached post charcters limit xD (it's 20k..)) I also tried to create gamemode in menuMain, but i "compile error in gamemode" in console.

All the code for gamemode is this, what could even error here??

public properties:




imgAlpha = 0;


gamemode = "normal";

isIronMode = false;

Even if i comment all lines it still errors >_<

I can't fix a error :(

I created "gamemode" sprite with "isIronMode" public property. gamemode sets isIronMode to false (outside "onUpdate", so only on start ig). Then, in main menu i have created third callback "() => { gm.isIronMode = !gm.isIronMode; }," , and placed gamemode in main menu room. When i use "gm = findClosest(gamemode);" in menuMain sprite it says "can't read properties of undefined" :(

So uhh i published my game just because i wanted to have at least one project on :> Actually, because it's kinda playable now :>

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Also, how do i use "MoveRooms()"? Lol. Can you PLEAASEE Include "goToRoom()" In Cuz i used search and that function exists! I always wanted it! ...uh i'm using this engine two days... You really MUST add it cuz that's very confusing that you can only go next/previous room and reorder them >_<

edit uh 4th one?: Wait, moveRooms() is not moveRooms, it's change room to uhh currentRoomNumber+Difference (⊙ˍ⊙)

Looks like now best solution is to create object on main menu and make it persistent :)

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Hi! First of all is obv "WoW this is really cool especially because i can take trashovania and add some heck to it..

I want to make trashovania mod which adds new game mode. It should modify some behavious. But, i need global variable for that! Cuz i need to store if this mode is enabled! (i can make literally another game, not just add gamemode, but idk, and global variables is still good idea :>) It it possible to make global variable somehow? I'm not sure if i can store my variable in player because title screen has no player :(

Edit: death uses "persist()". Maybe i can use it but idk how :) Also i decided to make separate game :> But global variables is still good idea..

I have same question as Quaternion. Can you please share source, so i could learn? This game looks very simple, but i has some nice things, so i could look at it to understand how does UE works.

I can't understand why i shouldn't pick " Warrioir Warrioir Warrioir Warrioir" lol. Also, what is "AS"?