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Hi Andrea, I "played" your game and made a YouTube video of it. I hope that's okay. Watch me as I get very confused! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj38wDc_OE8

Sure thing! Please, be my guest. 😉
I made this weird little clickteractive novel as a "thank you" gift for all the love "sleepthrough" (my latest "big" game) got.
So, please, take a look here and feel free to choose any game you wish to play, record and\or talk about.
You've also my full permission to monetize your videos (which I think is part of your rights). 👍
Thanks again and bye! 👋


I forgot to share with you my Part 2! :)


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
Don't forget to try sleepthrough, I think you might like it as well!
Lately, I've released The Corpse Behind The Window, which is a more puzzle based horror game... but it has the same storytelling you found in "Please, read me.".
So... make your choice! 👍😉


Awesome. I'll check them out tonight :)