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Random Ignorance

A member registered Oct 16, 2016

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Hey I played your game and made a video of it! 

This was great! I loved playing this game and I hope you enjoy the YouTube video I made of it :)

This was a really fun game. Thanks so much! I made a Let's Play video for it too!

Watch here!

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When I click Download, nothing happens.

No worries. Thank you for figuring it out. I'll try it again this weekend.

I made a Let's Play with your game! I have to say, I was a blubbery mess after it. Thanks for posting!

When I tried to run the exe it said RGSS-RTP Standard not found.

Hi, this was an interesting game! I made a let's play video for it. Hope you like it.

Awesome. I'll check them out tonight :)

I forgot to share with you my Part 2! :)

I made a let's play with this game. It was frustrating as hell!

Hi Andrea, I "played" your game and made a YouTube video of it. I hope that's okay. Watch me as I get very confused! :)