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Very good game, almost all games I tried before that used a fantasy world scenario had very simple concepts of magic, like "I focus and bam, fire appear". But yours has a lot of explanation for magic, like (Spoiler?) 

How every mage born with elemental magic but can peform a ritual to sacrifice their elemental magic and get a new one. And Rave's background, unlike other game where MC is also born a farmer, they somehow read very well and can even read hardest book. But Rave was illiterate and have just learned how to read recently, which is realistic for a character born in a farmer family in that time setting(and he is also likeable, A LOT).

Also, the art is very beautiful. A lot of games wasted their good potential because of the poor art. But yours has tons of good sprite,CGs and character's expression.

Keep up the good work :) I hope your Kickstarter will go well


Hi Punnn! Thank you very much for your kind comment!
We are happy you liked the game this much!