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Is the "Bid" scene a ref to TPOF? :o Also the game is so good thank you random tumblr girl/guy/person who retweeted the game so I found it. If you make more games like this in the future I'm sure my hand will buy it before my brain can register lol.

When you said interactions and romance, will our "master" and maybe future "mistress" be included? He seems too interesting for being one time sex scene character.

After playing the demo, I realized that I absolutely love shy Zed lol, they are precious.

Good story as always :D I like all of your WIP and I found this story very interesting with its setting and character. Love the family aspect too

When I checked this clock, there were lines that havent been translated to English yet. I forgot to take a picture when I first checked so I dont have a screenshot of those lines, but they were Neil's comments

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Very good game, almost all games I tried before that used a fantasy world scenario had very simple concepts of magic, like "I focus and bam, fire appear". But yours has a lot of explanation for magic, like (Spoiler?) 

How every mage born with elemental magic but can peform a ritual to sacrifice their elemental magic and get a new one. And Rave's background, unlike other game where MC is also born a farmer, they somehow read very well and can even read hardest book. But Rave was illiterate and have just learned how to read recently, which is realistic for a character born in a farmer family in that time setting(and he is also likeable, A LOT).

Also, the art is very beautiful. A lot of games wasted their good potential because of the poor art. But yours has tons of good sprite,CGs and character's expression.

Keep up the good work :) I hope your Kickstarter will go well

Very good game and interesting idea :D The colors are simple but fit the atmosphere very well. I hope there will be more information for the MC (I dont know if I missed it or not, but there is no gender for the MC ?). 

Thanks you for creating such a beautiful game :) Im looking forward to your future updates :)

Im currently stuck with my PC which runs 32-bit system, so if youre going to port it into new engine, will it still run on 32-bit system? Or I need 64-bit system for the upcomming chapter?

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Go left from the statue Masame said , there is another statue and next to it is a tile which is little broken, check that statue and you'll be fine

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The game is done very well, graphic is beautiful and battle mechanics is interesting. But I think before the Crystal boss you should add a warning or some kind of...healing? to make sure the players dont go there and fight the boss at low hp (I was there and liked "Well I guess i will load my save file and heal my party" then I realised my last save is 20 minutes ago so I fought the boss anyway, struggled through first 5 minutes without notice the gimmick and somehow managed it) and in the last city (sorry I cant remember its name, my memory is kinda bad) there is a house let you rent room (inn?) still have German for the Yes/No choice.
Keep on the great work :) I am looking forward chapter 2 very much and I hope more people will know about you and your work
P.S:English is not my first language, so Im sorry if there is some errors.

Edit:I usually get error message "rgss player has stopped working" when I first played the game, after run the Game.exe in bin (in bin, not Launcher.exe) in compatibility mode Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and run as an administrator, it seems to be working fine now. My system is Windows 7 32-bit so I think it will work fine if you have this problem.