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Hi, thank you very much for your comment! We are really happy you like our demo so far, we are eager to show more but the situation is a bit tricky for now, hopefully it will get better soon! We are praying. 

We have taken your PS in consideration! 

We're happy you liked the demo! We have taken your review in consideration :) 


Thank you very much, we passed your kind words to Sally! 

Thank you very much for your lenghty comment! It made us very happy! We are really caring about all our characters; even side charas, so it's great to see that you could grasp that feel even in the demo! 

We are eager to show more! 

Hi! Thank you very much, we're really happy that you still like the game that much!

Ce n'est pour le moment pas prévu ! 

Bonjour ! Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire encourageant ! On a hâte de pouvoir vous en montrer plus !

Hi Noor,

You can contact Nyanshua on Discord, you can find her on the VSN server!

The Dakimakura was up to preorder (unfortunately closed), so there is no way to get these merch anymore for now (the stationery set was Kickstarter limited). We do have other merchs, but our store is currently closed. If it reopens, we will notice you though a devlog / social medias! 

Thank you very much! The game will be in €, but the buying it in another currency will still be possible as it will handle conversion! 

Thank you very much and sorry for the frustration, we are very glad you liked the demo and we are looking forward showing more! 

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Thank you very much, we are really glad you liked our demo!

Thank you very much ozawashuri!! 

Hi C1rozz!

Thank you for playing the game! If you played it on Android it was an unauthorized/unofficial version since we haven't ported the game on mobile/tablet. And to answer your question, we do not plan to port it on Android / IOS for now.

Thank you very much! We're glad you liked the demo! 

Thank you for the proposition, we will consider it if ever we want to translate our game in spanish!

Thank you very much noxyurae!

Thank you very much! Comments like yours makes us keep going. :) 

Hi! Yes it will be available on Steam (hopefully!) 

Thank you! We wish her a very well recovery! 

Thank you! We plan to sell the game in €, but it's still possible to pay in usd! 

We aren't sure considering our situation, but we hope to release it before 2022! 

Thank you very much! We're very happy you liked the game this much! 

Team member's recovery is doing well, hopefully situation will be resolved soon! 

Thank you very much, we're very glad you liked the demo! 

Hi KiangaRaven! Thank you very much for your meaningful comment, we're really happy you liked the demo! 

Health issues are still not resolved to this day, but we're hopeful this year! 

We count to release the game on Steam later next year (we don't have an exact date). And the full game will cost 40€ excluding VAT. 

Thank you very much! We are looking forward showing more! 

Thank you very much! And the full game won't be free. 

We are now doing at least 1 devlog/ month until the game's release! 

Thank you! Hopefully she will get better soon as we got a date!

Thank you very much, we are praying for her recovery too!

Thank you very much! We're eager to show more about it!

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Bonjour, merci d'avoir teste la démo ! le jeu est écrit en français d'origine, et donc disponible dès à présent dans cette langue. Il est possible de sélectionner la langue dans les paramètres :)

Thank you for your time LunaMochi! The demo builds have been updated!

Could you show us a screencap of the script error?

Thank you very much we're glad you liked it!

Thank you very much! We're glad you liked our demo! 

Thank you! We're doing our best! :)

Thank you very much for your support! 

We cannot share the percentage of the game done for now, but we are really happy you liked the demo! We cannot wait to share more :)