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Oh boy those are some really good ideas for the lines! I’d definitely implement them :D that goblin idea is actually really good tbh. Thank you soooo much!

and the game is on steam but I’m shooting to upload it there as soon as I finish Act 4 :) the game can probably end around there tbh. Thank you sooo much for playing!

(Heh,thank you for patient! I know how annoying I can be with those long comments. But it just shows that I'm passion about you game! Please bear with me.)

I was having a lot of similar ideas like those lines when I was writing my comment above. But as I said early I have bad memories and on the next day I forgot what I was wanting to say. Plus, this comment was already long enough.

But now, I remembered a couple of those ideas. First: would be to give our MC - Sam(Any gender) a fear of monster, due to actions of the said goblin in Sam's past, they were left traumatize in fear of any monster will do the same of worst thing to them. But they didn't want to admit it or show due to their pride to bee sean as weak, which means that the real reason why they went to South Academy is not to only make his family proud but also to show his worth as person. In oreder to it though they trained with their class Warrior/Rogue/Mage using Sword/Bow/Tome to get better.

Maybe when Sam and Kuro will leave the Strawberry Village for the first time and on their first enemy encounter there will be this dialogue: Sam: "(This is it!... This is the moment I was practising all my life!.... I... I can do this!)" Kuro: "Sam... Don't worry, we will get through this together!" or something like that.

And through their journey, Sam and his friend will face more dangerous monsters/enemies *cough*Princess Lily, cause she has a demonic aura around her, and kind of creepy child*cough* Sam will learn to accept being weak and afraid of monster, but he will not let them doing horrible things because of it(if his karma is "very good"), or they will laugh mad because now that they got stronger, they realize how pathetic he was too thing that the monsters were any danger for them(if his karma is "very evil").

And maybe Sam will either "help"(very good) or "corrupt"/"kill"(very bad) Princess Lily depending on your choices through the first 2/3 acts(Help her you idiot! Don't do the bad one!). You can call it "Sam's positive/negative character arc" depengind on the players choices.

God, already long comment. But one last thing.

Secong: The name of the game. I always felt that "Rising Saga: Origins" is missing something, to fully show the theme of the game without playing the game. So I suggest add just one word "Rising Saga: Vanguard Origins". So here the things: The "Rising Saga" part of the title is referring to our MC - Sam as the game is his "saga of rising"(for the good or for the bad) and change the world by their choices as their journey continues and they are rising in all means of the word.

Next part "Vanguard Origins" is referring to our class and companions at South Academy. Sincce Vanguard is special class that stands out of usual Adventurer's system, and the one that we taught by elite for the first 2 acts and will probably play a role in the future acts. While Sam is also the part of the Vanguard project, this part of the title is mostly about other members of Vanguard class as our friend will be become major parts of the worlds future(Again for the good or for the bad).

And that's about it as far as what I was wanting to say. God anothing long comment sorry...

P.S - I see you didn't answer on my question about a chance of Sam and Lily being sibling of King Rialto(Lily' dad), Sir Garth(Sam's dad), and Queen Robyne(Lily's, and Sam's mother). I figured it out by Queen Robyne lines before the battle with Mad Queen when Sir Garth was about to buy some times for the rest of his friends. Queen Robyne: "Garth I... We can't afford to lose you!" Gears start to working in my head that Garth may be Robyne secret/ex lover, while Rialto is her current love/husband. 

How doesn't know how it all work, but maybe one night when Garth and Robyne were a thing and Robyne got pregnant with Sam from Garth but they don't know about it and week later Garth and Robyne broke up. Only to another week later for Rialto and Robyne to get together and Robyne got pregnant with Lily. Making Robyne pregnent with both children from two different man that will become vessels for deamon splitted in half and become saviours of the world. 

I understand that I may be totally wrong on this one, and I hope I am. Since you know... Lily and Male!Sam is my new pairing, and incest is not my king of interest. But then again this game is a medieval fantasy and incest was a thing back them... I understand that since you guys want to avoid a major plot spoiler under your game's comments... But still... I'm crying... T_T

P.S.S- I forgot to say about Non-binary Sam scenes like waking up on morning, and bath scenes will have to be changed for obvious reasons. But I'm sure you already knew that, I just felt like to write it.