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The update is finally here boys and girls. *le open pepsi* Cheers!

*sip, sip*

Hah, now let's check it!

(Heh,thank you for patient! I know how annoying I can be with those long comments. But it just shows that I'm passion about you game! Please bear with me.)

I was having a lot of similar ideas like those lines when I was writing my comment above. But as I said early I have bad memories and on the next day I forgot what I was wanting to say. Plus, this comment was already long enough.

But now, I remembered a couple of those ideas. First: would be to give our MC - Sam(Any gender) a fear of monster, due to actions of the said goblin in Sam's past, they were left traumatize in fear of any monster will do the same of worst thing to them. But they didn't want to admit it or show due to their pride to bee sean as weak, which means that the real reason why they went to South Academy is not to only make his family proud but also to show his worth as person. In oreder to it though they trained with their class Warrior/Rogue/Mage using Sword/Bow/Tome to get better.

Maybe when Sam and Kuro will leave the Strawberry Village for the first time and on their first enemy encounter there will be this dialogue: Sam: "(This is it!... This is the moment I was practising all my life!.... I... I can do this!)" Kuro: "Sam... Don't worry, we will get through this together!" or something like that.

And through their journey, Sam and his friend will face more dangerous monsters/enemies *cough*Princess Lily, cause she has a demonic aura around her, and kind of creepy child*cough* Sam will learn to accept being weak and afraid of monster, but he will not let them doing horrible things because of it(if his karma is "very good"), or they will laugh mad because now that they got stronger, they realize how pathetic he was too thing that the monsters were any danger for them(if his karma is "very evil").

And maybe Sam will either "help"(very good) or "corrupt"/"kill"(very bad) Princess Lily depending on your choices through the first 2/3 acts(Help her you idiot! Don't do the bad one!). You can call it "Sam's positive/negative character arc" depengind on the players choices.

God, already long comment. But one last thing.

Secong: The name of the game. I always felt that "Rising Saga: Origins" is missing something, to fully show the theme of the game without playing the game. So I suggest add just one word "Rising Saga: Vanguard Origins". So here the things: The "Rising Saga" part of the title is referring to our MC - Sam as the game is his "saga of rising"(for the good or for the bad) and change the world by their choices as their journey continues and they are rising in all means of the word.

Next part "Vanguard Origins" is referring to our class and companions at South Academy. Sincce Vanguard is special class that stands out of usual Adventurer's system, and the one that we taught by elite for the first 2 acts and will probably play a role in the future acts. While Sam is also the part of the Vanguard project, this part of the title is mostly about other members of Vanguard class as our friend will be become major parts of the worlds future(Again for the good or for the bad).

And that's about it as far as what I was wanting to say. God anothing long comment sorry...

P.S - I see you didn't answer on my question about a chance of Sam and Lily being sibling of King Rialto(Lily' dad), Sir Garth(Sam's dad), and Queen Robyne(Lily's, and Sam's mother). I figured it out by Queen Robyne lines before the battle with Mad Queen when Sir Garth was about to buy some times for the rest of his friends. Queen Robyne: "Garth I... We can't afford to lose you!" Gears start to working in my head that Garth may be Robyne secret/ex lover, while Rialto is her current love/husband. 

How doesn't know how it all work, but maybe one night when Garth and Robyne were a thing and Robyne got pregnant with Sam from Garth but they don't know about it and week later Garth and Robyne broke up. Only to another week later for Rialto and Robyne to get together and Robyne got pregnant with Lily. Making Robyne pregnent with both children from two different man that will become vessels for deamon splitted in half and become saviours of the world. 

I understand that I may be totally wrong on this one, and I hope I am. Since you know... Lily and Male!Sam is my new pairing, and incest is not my king of interest. But then again this game is a medieval fantasy and incest was a thing back them... I understand that since you guys want to avoid a major plot spoiler under your game's comments... But still... I'm crying... T_T

P.S.S- I forgot to say about Non-binary Sam scenes like waking up on morning, and bath scenes will have to be changed for obvious reasons. But I'm sure you already knew that, I just felt like to write it.

(Sorry for long comment, you don't need to read it if you don't want to, it's fine)

(When there is no update, and that mean no act 3 & 4, and that means no Male!Sam x Lily: *sings* ~Why does this happens to meee?~ ;( )

Tyran: Grrr, I'm the best gender confusion character in this game! I'm number one!!

Non!Sam: Hold my shippers tears. *sip*

So yeah, hehe. I have to do it.  Jokes aside, I knew that this may happen actually. Considering that Sam is name that can be used for man and woman(Even though "Sam" is short version of "Samuel" a.k.a "name of God" or "God has heard" which is a male name). 

Anyway, personally I support this decision to add a third optinal protagonist for non-binary people. You should be careful though, while I'm sure you guys have only good intentions, there is always going to be people who will not like it.(For any reason, even if there is none)

For example. Recently, there has been a controversy around "Trap" and "Transgender" characters in Anime community. It's a mess, but stay strong okay?

Now putting my least favorite topics aside.

Now since I played the game 3 time in a row, still unable to remember everyone's names(I'm that bad), romance all female available characters, and prevent certain massacre from happening. I have to say if the quality of this project will remain as it is now(For unknown how many hours this game will be, 5/10 hours maybe?). You should seriously consider about putting this game on Steam and give it a price(I feel bad for not supporting this game). And I'm sure this game will receive a lot of positive reviews when it will be finished.

Another thing, is that on my 3 run of the game I found some small things like missed dialogues that, while is a minor details and is not important, and can be easily missed. Still can be added to make nitpicking players like a little bit happy. 

For example: Before the final fight with Mad Queen, King Rialto, Sir Garth, Queen Robyne all deliver their final badass lines before the final showdown with Mad Queen. Everyone... exceptPrince Yorick which is weird considering it was his mother before, but no he was just standing there ready to shoot with his crossbow and not saying anything. I think if you add for him something like: "Mother... I swear on Hawk name that I will return you(her body) home!" It would feel muc better.

Another example: There was that one time when Sam's sister "Serrani" mentions that Sam as child was attacked by a group of goblins in the forest during the night time, and if she was 1 second late Sam would be dead. Sounds like a traumatic experience for a child to me. And during Tyran and Male!Sam(Male for me first mission together, was with goblins. 

So with that in mind, maybe before Tyran and Sam will enter the cave with goblins there is going to be this: "G-Goblins?!" "Yeah... So what? Are you afraid of little shrimps?" "Emmm... Maybe a little bit, yes?" "Thc! Guess I have no choice, lead the way loser, when little shits start to coming out their holes, I will slice them in half!" "...Alright." 

And after the first fight with any goblin enemy there will be Tyran's dialogue in the corner and another dialogue between Tyran and Sam like: "Heh, see? There is nothing to be afraid from those little brats." "I... Guess you right." Giving our duo a little bit of character development. 

Again maybe not important but I was feeling like I have to point that out.

Alright, I already wrote too much. I feel like I forgot something to say, but I guess for now it enough.

That's aboit it! Good luck JaBud Games and have a good day! Even though you put Maryana in most of your icons(which makes her pretty important),  I will still support Lily x Male!Sam. Though I feel like you gonna put a "brother and sister" or "twins" plot twist between them at some point and crush my dreams for their romance... ;(

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Nothing about Lily x Sam? *Sad* ;( 

(I didn't realize that you guys used default name "Sam" for both genders! Sorry! I was talking about "Male Sam x Lily" this whole time!)

Although, judging by the comment above me about Tyran. Maybe I should hold my horses and rethink about "main couple" thing.

*Khm* *Khm*!

Anyway, I finally finished playing finished version 0.9.1 and this time everything was working smoothly, thanks a bundtch(Well except the "meeting" with King William was lagging and game crashed again. Also there was a error when after joining Academy I go to tavern.)!

There is a lot of stuff to talk about! But I don't want to ruin everuone's fun with this comment(And my memmory is pretty bad anyway), but that clifenger at the end of the demo made me angry! But that's a good thing I guess, that mean I enjoyed the game.

I thinking about becoming a Patron member to sopport this game, because I see a lot passion putted in it. But it's my first time becoming a Patron member and I'm a little nervous and unsure if I can keep up with monthly charges. You see, I'm not from USA and my currency is asking a little bit more for say 1$ (^_^; ) Yeah, maybe I should start with 1$.... I'm sorry.

Anyway, hope you have a good day JaBub Games. Keep us informed about your god's work and good luck!

P.S- I forgot to write about something. I guess the one thing that cut me off guard was time. It flew out fast! It's not a bad thing though! I just need to get used to fast storytelling, hehehe... And I guess dialogue choices are a little bit confusing. I get used the fact that the "best"/"good" dialogue choices are always at the top. And while their ARE at the top, I need to watch cautiously to not accidentally accept the deal with bandits! Hehehe...

P.S.S- Also what are Male/Female Sam default classes? Judging by the main artwork I can say that Female Sam is Rogue, and Male Sam  is.... Mage I assume? (Even though I was choosing him as Warrior this whole time! Hehehe.)

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Played the Demo and what can I say? I like everything about this game! The art, the gameplay, the humor, the characters(Princess Beatrice is my personal choice, I love stories about newbie knight and rich ice queen princess warming up to newbie knight as story goes on and their relationship progress).

... Hhhmm, I guess the only thing I didn't like was the fact that our Squire didn't have a default name. Don't get me wrong I'm not against the idea of Nameable Hero to suit the player, but I just like to keep Protagonist's name canon name by default, since well... It feels more natural and canon I supposed(I hopre that "Squire" is not his default name...)?

And I guess I wonder if the whole "harem ending" will be a thing, since I find it hard to believe we will be able to pick up 5 female characters in just 4 months. I also wonder if there is going to be a some sort of "true ending"?

Overall, definitely going to buy game on Steam when it will be released in 2019(But we don't know the detailed data! T_T ) and go for Princess Beatrice route(And mabe the harem route if it's turnd out to be a true route, but I prefer Beatrice only so far)!

Doing god's work Yangyang Mobile! I wish you good luck!

P.S- Hugh is a MC's homie, though he has a weird name. Oh... it's a Germanic name...  It was common among Frankish and French nobility? Hhhmmm.... Is there is some secret meaning? I wonder if our Squire's name is going to be something like that...

(1 edit)

Aw shoot. When I reached Act 2 my game chases every 1 minute during first cutscenes and I have to start from the last save with Lily!(I'm sad...)

So far I finished Prologue and Act 1 so I'm going to speak from my feeling towards them.(Even though I didn't finished the Demo) I like everything so far the art is good, the story is decent and easy to understand, and the world is not too small and not too big which is good by my book.  The characters are diverse yet simple but not blank(Which is again, just as I like).

Personally I like Sam(Male Protagonist) and Princess Lily(Poor girl), if there is going to be a option I would like Sam and Lily to be official couple (I was choosing the "nice" dialogue options, because they are good kids and the plot looks like will have them both as Main Hero and Main Heroine role)! Unfortunately they didn't even meet each other but I hope Sam can help her!

The only problem I have is a act 2 beginning cutscenes and lagging in some parts of the game. But that's probably my old computer's problem.

Overall good work JaBud Games! I hope I will be able to play the full version of our game one day! Good luck! 

I'm crying. It's almost there... (T_T )

This is the gif that I wanted for New Year. Thank you Belgerum Claus! ;)

Oh, sorry. By the gravity of fate I have missed the "training program"(since it's not the main I game I decide to skip it). But I think it's my chance to check it now. Read you soon.

(1 edit)

Thanks guys!

P.S- For some reason, early this morning I develop weird feeling, to ship Princess and Apprentice.  I'm not sure I just feel like there look like, they are may be a canon couple. Sorry for bothering you, and thank you guys again!

Hmm, I wonder if Apprentice will be able to date Princess too? Since last time when I was able to play this game, I remember that Apprentice was only able to build relationships with his instructors.

Sorry, I still can't pass the green button so I can't tell.

Sorry, for a long answer. I'm playing on Windows and here is a screen shot while game is freeze.  I will try to send a email to you guys soon enough. Thank you for your help! :)

Man, I can't wait for the full version of "The Room"! Keep your good work man! :)

Greetings "FrostWorks"! On the wild web of Internet I was looking for a good visual novel and so happen that my eyes came across your work "Quest Failed"! Right now, I'm planning to buy your game or not, and because of this choice I have a question. My question is:  "If I will buy your game right now at its currency cost, will I have full game with future chapters?(Since right now only chapter one is available) Or do I need to buy the rest of the chapters later?"

God damit... I try to run this game like 5 times and every time my menu screen is stops and not moving. ;(

Alright! I'm going to do it right now, thank you!

Greetings AGL Studios!(Did anyone remember me? No one? Okay. ;(  ) Anyway, I writing this comment to thank you for making a sequel to your previous game Paramedium: A Noise in the Attic! I played both chapters of "Paramedium" and "Faulty Apprentice"!(It's just sad that I need to buy game again for NSFM content. :(  ) I hope that you guys are fine and make us even more cool games! ;)

*sigh* Alright, thank you for the answer. Last question, If I will buy this game in Steam, should I be prepare to some censorships in the Steam version of the game?

Greetings  Studio Namaapa! So um, I don't know how to say it properly. You see I finally received enough money to buy your game,(''Nusakana") but when I was trying to buy it on "PayPal", I could not choose my country on their list, and so I was unable to buy your game. So I thought that, could I buy your game through my card instead of "PayPal"?

Yes, nothing happen when the black screen happening. And gear is in right corner.

Hey Viryse! I need your help with some BUGgy, situation. So, I was trying to open the game after when I unpacked it to a folder(u know the usual thing), but afther that when I clicked on "HalloweenTapas.exe" the window with black screens opens and the white gear is on the left and the bottom corner. So is there a some problem with me, or my computer trying to protect my innocence from guts? ( ;-_-)

Oh, "Farm Boy" yeah that's....yeah. ^_^;

Man,  I wonder what Falty Apprentice default name would be like? Probably something with a deep meaning like "Roland" a hero of France who hold a legendary swords "Durandal". ;)

Yes, that's help me a lot. Thank you! :)

Hello Touwaku! I write this comment just to say "thank you lady/mister Touwaku!" (I don't know if you are man or woman sorry! xp ) And also that I play demo of Celestial Crossing and I decide to buy full game, since I like graphics (Special Boobs. :) ) and I hope that this a game I will not disappoint me. Anyway, thank you for you work! ;)

Hello dinmoney! It's me Sergei, I hope you still remember me! :p (Even if I wrote my comments a long time ago. >_> ) Anyway I have a couple of questions and I really need answers on them: 1-"So i have a 512.55 RUB on my hands, that in dollars 8.78 USD, and I would like to support this project Faulty Apprentice (And use a NSFW version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) where I go with that. It's okay if I buy you Faulty Apprentice on my 512.55 RUB, or should I wait when the game will be released in the Steam? 2-If I I buy a game right now, (NSFM) did the game what I just buy will updated in future when you decide to develop it or should I wait for full version and them buy? And last double question 3- If I buy game in other sites (like Steam) did I support this project? And if I buy game in Steam there will be te NSFM version? (Because I know 2 or 3 game in Steam what have a NSFM material and they was censored. I don;t like censorship.)

Hey dinmoney! Want to hear a good joke?

Joke: "What do you call a warrior who is not able to fight? DISarmed!" (Insert laugh track here)

(Before, I played this game)

Sergey(Me): Hhhmmm, like design in this game already. Let's see what we have!

(After, I played this game)

Sergey: What?! You can not end on this moment! B-but I need more! And why was cut remaining content?! It would be absolutely no need to do! *Sergey start cry like a little girl which robbed of her candy* ( T_T)

(And right now)

Sergey: Anyway I like this game! Waiting for updates, and pray to the heavens one day I got a game with all the content! ;'(