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Sorry Mr/Ms Belgerum. I was trying to pre-order your game but my card was declined. It's sad. ;(

I'm crying. It's almost there... (T_T )

This is the gif that I wanted for New Year. Thank you Belgerum Claus! ;)

Oh, sorry. By the gravity of fate I have missed the "training program"(since it's not the main I game I decide to skip it). But I think it's my chance to check it now. Read you soon.

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Thanks guys!

P.S- For some reason, early this morning I develop weird feeling, to ship Princess and Apprentice.  I'm not sure I just feel like there look like, they are may be a canon couple. Sorry for bothering you, and thank you guys again!

Hmm, I wonder if Apprentice will be able to date Princess too? Since last time when I was able to play this game, I remember that Apprentice was only able to build relationships with his instructors.

Sorry, I still can't pass the green button so I can't tell.

I see... Sorry. ;(

Okay everyone, we are all adults here and there is nothing embarrassing about it. So raise your hand if you at beginning decide to lose to Sophia because you like being dominated by beautiful woman. And only after that realize that you can't beat her...

*svolozhanin7 raises his hand* *nobody else raises their hand*

...C-Come on guys, I feel embarrassing now. I'm i the only one with Femdon fetish here?! >///<

P.S-On, a serious note can I ask the author "Belgerum" of the game during the development of the game to make more Femdon content from Sophia? Like after each new Sophia's phase Players will get different dominant scene? Please?

Sorry, for a long answer. I'm playing on Windows and here is a screen shot while game is freeze.  I will try to send a email to you guys soon enough. Thank you for your help! :)

Man, I can't wait for the full version of "The Room"! Keep your good work man! :)

Greetings "FrostWorks"! On the wild web of Internet I was looking for a good visual novel and so happen that my eyes came across your work "Quest Failed"! Right now, I'm planning to buy your game or not, and because of this choice I have a question. My question is:  "If I will buy your game right now at its currency cost, will I have full game with future chapters?(Since right now only chapter one is available) Or do I need to buy the rest of the chapters later?"

God damit... I try to run this game like 5 times and every time my menu screen is stops and not moving. ;(

Alright! I'm going to do it right now, thank you!

Greetings AGL Studios!(Did anyone remember me? No one? Okay. ;(  ) Anyway, I writing this comment to thank you for making a sequel to your previous game Paramedium: A Noise in the Attic! I played both chapters of "Paramedium" and "Faulty Apprentice"!(It's just sad that I need to buy game again for NSFM content. :(  ) I hope that you guys are fine and make us even more cool games! ;)

*sigh* Alright, thank you for the answer. Last question, If I will buy this game in Steam, should I be prepare to some censorships in the Steam version of the game?

Greetings  Studio Namaapa! So um, I don't know how to say it properly. You see I finally received enough money to buy your game,(''Nusakana") but when I was trying to buy it on "PayPal", I could not choose my country on their list, and so I was unable to buy your game. So I thought that, could I buy your game through my card instead of "PayPal"?

Yes, nothing happen when the black screen happening. And gear is in right corner.

Hey Viryse! I need your help with some BUGgy, situation. So, I was trying to open the game after when I unpacked it to a folder(u know the usual thing), but afther that when I clicked on "HalloweenTapas.exe" the window with black screens opens and the white gear is on the left and the bottom corner. So is there a some problem with me, or my computer trying to protect my innocence from guts? ( ;-_-)

Oh, "Farm Boy" yeah that's....yeah. ^_^;

Man,  I wonder what Falty Apprentice default name would be like? Probably something with a deep meaning like "Roland" a hero of France who hold a legendary swords "Durandal". ;)

Yes, that's help me a lot. Thank you! :)

Hello Touwaku! I write this comment just to say "thank you lady/mister Touwaku!" (I don't know if you are man or woman sorry! xp ) And also that I play demo of Celestial Crossing and I decide to buy full game, since I like graphics (Special Boobs. :) ) and I hope that this a game I will not disappoint me. Anyway, thank you for you work! ;)

Hello dinmoney! It's me Sergei, I hope you still remember me! :p (Even if I wrote my comments a long time ago. >_> ) Anyway I have a couple of questions and I really need answers on them: 1-"So i have a 512.55 RUB on my hands, that in dollars 8.78 USD, and I would like to support this project Faulty Apprentice (And use a NSFW version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) where I go with that. It's okay if I buy you Faulty Apprentice on my 512.55 RUB, or should I wait when the game will be released in the Steam? 2-If I I buy a game right now, (NSFM) did the game what I just buy will updated in future when you decide to develop it or should I wait for full version and them buy? And last double question 3- If I buy game in other sites (like Steam) did I support this project? And if I buy game in Steam there will be te NSFM version? (Because I know 2 or 3 game in Steam what have a NSFM material and they was censored. I don;t like censorship.)

Hey dinmoney! Want to hear a good joke?

Joke: "What do you call a warrior who is not able to fight? DISarmed!" (Insert laugh track here)

(Before, I played this game)

Sergey(Me): Hhhmmm, like design in this game already. Let's see what we have!

(After, I played this game)

Sergey: What?! You can not end on this moment! B-but I need more! And why was cut remaining content?! It would be absolutely no need to do! *Sergey start cry like a little girl which robbed of her candy* ( T_T)

(And right now)

Sergey: Anyway I like this game! Waiting for updates, and pray to the heavens one day I got a game with all the content! ;'(