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You were? Shame on you! Just kidding, jk... 

I once checked the browser history of my cousin's laptop, I was to curious.. Although, I would never take the chance to exploit someone or how you say.

In germany everything under 18 is considered rape, I am sure of it. The age of 18 is when we can get our driving lesson and make our own decissions, live our life.

Not finished? That means updates should still roll out, even if I heard something else. That Echo is finished and they won't change anything more.

You know if you like Echo that much Blaidd Llwyd made videos about it. He really liked playing it and his opinion about the whole “darkness“ is pretty much the same I'd say.

He has got a pretty nice dark toned voice to do voice performing. His channel is really small and his videos are nice. The channel is propably only small because of his rather non-emotional talking. Well, I like it. 

I talked to him a little bit on youtube and he seems like a nice and chill guy.

If you want you can check it out on the latest videos of his.

In that case I'm more desinterested... The really big secret is what happend to Echo and not specifically the characters. It's not like everything should be revealed and if that's important is another question for itself. I mean you can already imagine that the town and maybe the people too are cursed, nothing really special. How it happened matters.

Wait a second! I watched Doctor Who and it's not anything like Adastra, like at all! Well whatever, if this is what makes the developers happy it shall be... 

Yeah, I know only a few people like the science-fiction genre. What can you do. Still you know what I think? I think Perry Rhodan is the best written book series of all time and I've read alot.

Really? Killing someone through the internet? How realistic.

True true, it IS getting updated once in a while, but not much. In Blackgate there are nearly only beasty/monstrous datable characters, you'll see.

Repeat sound almost like Echo and it sounds like something... 

Exactly like in Sonic fanfiction 😅 Have you seen the trailer to the new upcoming Sonic movie? Sonic looks like the personification of horror and uglyness in it.

I have to say though, there do exist interesting, well written stories about Sonic and Shadow...

In my point of view the whole Sonic franchise is very interesting, especially with Shadow being the rival of Sonic. Shadow is not good, he is not bad (okay sometimes he is one of those). He is somewhere in between, what makes his personality the best of the bunch.

You don't have to like it 😊

Did you know WOTB (creater of TA) means “worst of the bunch“? It's true he told it. I wonder why you would choose this name 

I don't check browser history in real life because I don't care, but in games? Yeah, I wanna know everything!

Then yeah, Leo was totally taking advantage of Chase in Route 65. Sorry if that ruins it for you, it just digusted me that Leo was that type of... Er, wolf?

Like I said, in Echo Adastra is apparently about Amicus's father. He had a crew and everything, not just a computer. I'd recommend Flynn's route to you but not to pursue Flynn. His roommate is a LOT nicer than Flynn.

There's only a handful of games I watch other people play. FNAF, BatIM, and exclusives I don't have. 

There's one thing Leo's route doesn't tell you: what really happened to Sydney. The routes only give the reader bits and pieces until Flynn and TJ's routes where his death is a more central concern because it caused everyone to change. They all suffer from varying degrees of post traumatic stress.

Heh, you'd have to read it to understand just how realistic it is. The supercomputer could control anything with a computer chip in it, which nowadays, is -everything-. It took control of a vehicle and had it run people over, took control of a metal door and caused it to behead someone, and many other scenarios I've honestly forgotten because I haven't read it in years.

I finished Blackgate, including all available routes to the "To Be Continued" screen. Rotis's route needs a serious rewrite, but the rest aren't too bad. Krane, Vekk, Jack, Gruff, and Plox don't have routes available to the general public yet.

Vincent's is my favorite so far, but I really wanna see what Krane's is like.

I'd steer clear of the construction site job for now, it ends on a very sad note. I damn near cried.

Repeat is a LOT more upbeat than Echo, honestly. It's still creepy, but not so dark it makes someone wanna... Do something rash.

I only know Shadow from the GameCube game with the Chaos'. His backstory was heartbreaking, but I definitely had fantasies of Sonic and Shadow being a couple. Never read the fanfiction for it though, just stuck to my own imagination.

Maybe WOTB likes self deprecating humor. Some people really enjoy it.

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Alright, if a game feels different to you, than real life. For me it doesn't really. It doesn't really compare, but still. For me it's rather the opposite around... Weird I know. The reason is I know the real life people better than the game characters, so I can't predict how they will react.

Yeah, I agree with you with Route 65, but we don't know if he was controlled by some kind of force or his feelings were strengthened by it, the curse. Like if his feelings were so strong that he was easy to control, something like this. Or his trauma of Sydney has something to do with it, as you wrote they're all suffering through stress.

I am not the person to talk with, I know nothing, sorry.

I see, so I should do Flynn's route, but not become his boyfriend. That sounds easy enough, thanks for the tip.

Because of my discussion with Blaidd Llwyd I have a question for you. So, he thinks there was a copy of Chase because Leo said he was in his room with him, when Chase was tugged to the mine by “I can't remember his name“.

So you propably know 8-BitRyan for example he is a nice guy and makes funny horror videos. No, he is not gay, I think..

No, no it is realistic if the computer was somehow connected to the other technical systems.

Wow, seriously? Am I wrong or does this sound as if this journey was almost as depressing as Echo's? 

You know, I am not a steady (right word?) person by any means. I rather play one route, for the moment and then move onto another game. Maybe I just changed in that area, who knows...

I have high hopes for Repeat. Gotta find out if it matches my expectations. 

There are alot of girls though who are fan-girling about the two. 

And I kinda like it too, BUT there are alot of very weird stories. In one Sonic kills his friends as Werehog in another he gets turned into a girl by the author.

Maybe you will like some of these stories...? I read them on a website called There is one story explicit I recommend _An elemental secret_. I think the idea is pretty cool and the story isn't as complex (crazy) as the others...

Just saying :)

Could be, if so I'm a little bit like him and everyone should be. At least be able to hold back when others make fun of you, right?

Honestly, I agree that there was a second Chase. Again, I'm thinking it was an alien that took on a form that was nonthreatening to the townspeople. He was even "seen" before he came to town, by at least two different people.

I doubt Echo will go this far to explain, but I'm actually thinking Chase himself might be connected to the aliens. Either he's been abducted before (which could explain his crazy blackouts) or he actually is an alien but doesn't remember. 

Echo seems to be reminiscent of the incident in Roswell back in the day. It's in a similar sort of situation, lots of open desert and actually flying saucers being seen is mentioned in Flynn's route.

I don't think I liked 8-bit Ryan much, but I can't recall.

Blackgate can be really depressing, I admit. Since you only do one route most of the time, I recommend Vincent's. Rotis's goes slightly further than Vincent's, but like I said Rotis's route needs a rewrite. 

It's actually nowhere near as depressing as Echo. It's just different. It's dark in the literal sense, but your character actually isn't in -much- danger. It's like he's being protected.

Now, for Repeat, if you haven't played it yet, you should play Sissel's route. His is the longest and ends right after you get your first chance to repeat. 

Hmm, An Elemental Secret. Gotta look that one up, thanks. 

Your thaughts are all very well carefully considered, wow. I told it Blaidd. 

By the way do you remember what I told you about WSSAP (Wolfstar Sins and Paradise)? You should give it a shot. It's awsome, my second favourite VN. They haven't made much money with it yet, which I find unfair, because it is so complex and everything about it is well rounded. You may not like the character designs (bara), but the story is definetly worth it. I think they've got the best music out of all VN's I've played. You can check the tracks out in the gallery.

Ah and Uncommon Breed is a similiar case. Again bara designed and a good, intersting story and combat scenes every now and then.

You said FNAF so I thaught you will like his videos, well doesn't matter ...

I bet you know who you like to watch.

So, there are three choices for me to make. Do I play Repeat-Sissel now or Flynn's route or Vincent's route in Blackgate? But first the new update of WSSAP! ;)

Hmm, yeah “An Elemental Secret“ is special. All Sonadow stories are special in a way, but so far this was my favourite storyline. The others are full of sex or darkness... You decide.

Still most or many visual novel stories are better than these. 

Oh cool, thanks.

I've played through WSSAP several times now. I'm glad they're getting to work on Dagio's route. It's not fully written yet but it's not bad. Of course the longest route right now is Hugo. Dagio is my favorite, with Cornelius being a close second... I'm hoping he'll pop up later and be like "I'm alive bitchessss" but we'll see. I played the new update a few times to see if anyone's routes had more put into them, but not so far. Just Dagio.

Then my third is Janus. I can't wait until Janus gets his own route, argh! Sucks that Alex's will probably come first -sigh-.

Uncommon Breed I've played a few times as well. I tend to play through what's available of each route before moving on to something else.

I like Markiplier for watching FNAF Let's Plays. His over the top reactions make me laugh. 

I would suggest you go in the order of: Flynn, Sissel, then Vincent. That or Flynn, Vincent, Sissel. I say that because of how heavy the material is. My thoughts are that Echo is the darkest so it's best to get it out of the way. Then with Repeat and Blackgate, the original order is to break up the two darkest VNs with something lighter between them, and the reversed order is getting the dark stuff out if the way first and moving on to something lighter. Echo, Blackgate, Repeat is in the order of darkest to least dark. They're all heavy, of course, but Repeat is more creepy than heavy, I think.

I like a lot of Fanfiction too. Hell, I write it. My imagination can be better than what people come up with for VNs. It just depends.

On my second thaught I have to say the above statements were both lies...

My second favourite VN would be Morenatsu Revisited, Homecoming has a long way too go still. 

Morenatsu has the best music too, though it is hard to say for sure.

Dagio is certainly a very important and interesting character. His story is my seond favourite route, because “best friends routes“ are just to die for. ;) So Hyper is number one and Dagio a close second. Well Hyper is rather bi than gay, buut whatever.

You know about Cornelius... I may or may not know more than you. There is one scene where the doppel (double?) ganger (german btw) of Dagio (the one in life, if he is one) says something to himself about how it would be nice for the person (don't know who it was, sorry) to meet up with Corny. So, my theory is it could be possible that he is still alive and I wouldn't be surprised too much. It's just a theory though. It could also be that the double ganger (if he's one) doesn't know about Cornelius's death.

Alex, this dirty rat, I don't like him either. He's like the lion from EA, such a cheater. I mean he seems like one...

Did you like UB? I find it pretty great so far and the combat scenes can be hard, so that makes it less a novel. Were you able to figure out the labyrinth? Wait, no, that is WSSAP... 

I already got the 9.1 release, you will get it a while later. It focuses on the lion. What was his name, (so many VN character names to remember) I honestly forgot.

I know this channel, Markiplier, but I haven't watched any of his videos I think.

The worst first, it seems.^ So it shall be it then. There's only one problem. I am reading a Sonadow story at the moment and I will not lie it is awsome, as far as I came. It is called Sonic's Alpha and I will not spoiler anything. It is propably better than An Elemental Secret to be clear about the circumstances, and it belongs to your favourite (?) genre like the following.

Then I have to watch the last few episodes of Another. It is an anime that is different from animes that I have seen until now and has an IMDb rating of 7.8

It fits your favourite genre pretty, pretty good, is my guess... 

And Brightburn is a film I wanna watch too. It pretends that Superman in his early age gets bullied and what do you think happens? You're right, we have a winner, he uses his abilities to do evil...

That is awsome, really. If I took the time I could write too maybe, but then again my english is not perfect enough to write a complex story for whichever fandom...

If you say so by yourself I believe you and it's impressive. 

Now I remember I even have to play through Kilgigan's Treasure for once. There's alot on my list of 'priorities', as you can see.

(Sorry, I wanted to write earlier)

I don't know why, but I'm not a big fan of the childhood friends-turned-lovers routes. They usually strike me as anticlimactic. One friend confesses, and the friend either immediately says they feel the same way, or they think about it for a day and then decide they feel the same way.

I do like Hyper's sex scene in the beginning though.

'Doppelganger' is used frequently in America too, so it's okay.

Yeah, I've played all the way through WSSAP a few times so I know what happens to Cornelius. He's an angel, so it shouldn't be that easy to kill him.

Haha, well Alex and Janus clearly have an open relationship. That said, I don't think he's a cheater, just shady. 

And yes, I've done the labyrinth a good 10 times now.

I actually love EA's lion, Darius. I even become a $3 Patron on the months he'll have an update. Since your character isn't actually dating him, he technically isn't cheating. That said, as soon as he realizes how much it bothers your character, he stops sleeping around. Even though he's sleazy at first, I still recommend giving his route a try. I don't want to give away a spoiler, but he does become oddly affectionate, to the point he's bothered by it himself (and it's obvious).

The lion in UB is Juleon, and I played that update yesterday. That lion is such a damn tease! I wanna yell at him to stop the game of cat and mouse already. My character's getting blue, I swear.

I do like UB a lot. Gear, Reiner, Juleon, and Grizz are my favorites, in that order.

Sonic's Alpha... That sounds like an Omegaverse title. I actually really love Omegaverse stories. Also when it comes to fanfiction I prefer more romantic than horror. However, unlike most Americans, I like there to be conflict in some places so it's a little realistic. 

I'm a huge Riren fan (Levi and Eren from Attack on Titan) and my favorite ff (fanfic) is The Intern. It has a good amount of conflict, but such a heartwarming story.

We're actually seeing Brightburn for the second time today. My brother hasn't seen it yet.

It is similar to Superman, but I don't think it's bullying that pushes him over the edge. But I'll leave that up to you.

Also, his name isn't Clark Kent, so it's not Superman in an alternate universe.

I think your English is better than most Americans who write fanfics. Your English doesn't have to be perfect, so if you want to write then you should.

There's really not a lot of Killigan's Treasure. It's also being rewritten so it might be better to wait until the new demo is released. It's being worked on now (after the project was abandoned for about a year). Obviously it's your choice, and the demo isn't bad, it's just pretty short.

Ha, you don't like natural ways of confessing love, that's it. Or not natural, but you get what I mean. It makes alot of sence to me that childhood friends become lovers. Although I can't say for sure, because I never really had one long enough to call him/her my childhood-friend. (And yes, I know *childhood*)

It could also be that such good friends feel like siblings to each other. If that was true a love story would just be awkward, I confirm.

Ahh it was definetly a nice touch and somewhat unique too, one could say. 

Okay doppelganger it is, well it is german (Doppelgänger: nearly the same pronounciation too) and that's funny, cause normaly it's the other way around. Usually we have words of your language turned into our own. 

Sorry, I can't blame you for saying it like that, but if I was the MC instead I would propably always feel rather suspisious and no betrayed is too strong of a word. But there are just too many couples and marriages that fall apart, so no thank you. (In reality of course)

Yeah, know that. He is a “Lightlion“ while Dagio is a “Shadowlion“ who doesn't look like one, I once stated on Patreon (it's still a secret why he doesn't look like a lion at all).

I am Patron of a couple VN creators, but not WolfBite Interactive. They already earn 7k per month. That is unfair in my opinion, because others put more work into creating their VN's, than they in their.

Really? Gear is your fav? Mine too (quite obvious right?), though I would've thaught you'd like others more.

Juleon and his sex magic... What didn't exist in the past exists now...

You HAVE to try Sonic's Alpha, it's awsome, very well written and dark as midnight! I don't really care about the sex scenes, because I can't imagine these hedgehogs having sex, but the story itself is great.

It is pretty clear what the whole thing is about after a few chapters. Does it make reading less exciting, no, surely not.

I just remembered isn't Attack on Titan an anime? I considered watching it, but there are so many animes and I was/am sure others were better, especially Avatar The Last Airbender which is technically an anime (anime=cartoon) or Assassination Classroom (I almost lost my sanity.....).

I'm going to watch Brightburn soon enough. I hope it is good. I think the IMDb rating is 7. 

Maybe it isn't the bullying only. I haven't watched it, so yeah.

Ok, it isn't Superman, but it is a very similar story as his.

Do you have many siblings? I have two sisters one older and one younger.

To be fair every teen of every country happens to not care about writing skills anylonger nor reading. And writing *rofl* or whatever is more convenient, than writing what you're really feeling. (Not the best example I know...)

Hmm, I supported any VN I could support (I don't know how to support some like Morenatsu where the creator doesn't answer my question about support...) so far including (KGT) the “WOTB“ YAGS.

Even if it is so that it has a short storyline I would read it over YAGS all day and night.

I always view the childhood friends storylines as awkward. Though I was pleasantly surprised by Extracurricular Activities' friend-turned-lover story.

Your character is suspicious of Darius at first, but there's a tragedy that strikes and the MC can find out he hasn't been around the block lately.

Honestly, I'd rather WolfBite take it slowly. At least they have steady updates, unlike Bane with Blackgate.

At first I liked Reiner more, but I was happy when Gear's route came out. I generally like the stoic characters, but Gear is just so charming.

Yes, Attack on Titan is an anime. It's quite popular too. I imagine you'd ship other characters than I do though lol. Which is fine, to each their own.

I have one older brother. We're 9 years apart.

Morenatsu is finished, and it was basically just porting a PC game to Android. Besides, it was the makers of Homecoming who ported it, they just let someone else hang on to their original port while they decided to add to it and rename it Homecoming. It'd feel wrong if they were taking donations for it, honestly. 

Everything in Morenatsu from the PC game is the same in the Android version, except they increased the resolution on CGs and stuff.

I can only afford to support VN creators occasionally, but I do want to support ones I really like. I considered helping with Blackgate, but after so many months of 'housecleaning' updates, I decided to wait. Bane is so focused on keeping a schedule that Blackgate isn't having any real updates.