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Hey, I thought about it, how about you spice this game up by automatically applying the horny status to opponents if Izuki's clothes have been destroyed and she wears no panties? :-3

You know, at the start of the game, you ask to the player to choose between white panties, black panties or no panties.

If the player chooses the white panties then the game adds light damages to physical damages dealt by Izuki.

If the player chooses the black panties then the game applies mana regeneration to Izuki.

If the player chooses no panties then Izuki doesn't benefit any bonus.

So how about you make the game to automatically apply the horny status to all oponents who are not immune to this status if Izuki's clothes are destroyed and she doesn't wear any panties to spice things up, you know, opponents get horny when they see Izuki's pussy exposed, what do you think of this idea? ;-3

because horny is OP as is

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Well, it is just a confusion status, right?