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Cool concept, I agree that there's balance issues. Movement and platforming and stuff felt good, and I like the new assets. 

It was a struggle to stay alive, let alone build enough mana to activate the fountain, and that was after four or so tries.

One of the biggest issues for me was that if you threw a seed too close to another seed, or near the fountain, it'd just disappear. It'd be nice if they tried to seek out the nearest possible tile or returned to your hand or something, or at least gave back the mana used to make it.

There's a few things that could make the game a bit easier to play. You could start the player off with more mana. Or you could move the seeds a bit closer together. You could also slow down the corruption rate.

Thanks for giving it a try! My original scope for this game was out of control for the amount of time I have in a week.  I'd say 10-20% of my planned design reached the final game.

Great suggestions! With more time, I'd definitely change how the seeds work when they hit an occupied tile. For a quick fix, I updated the starting Mana and tweaked the balance of cost and reward for the plants. Hopefully this makes it easier to succeed! RNG still plays a big role. If  corrupt seeds manages to hit both sides of the starting land early on, it will make things much more difficult.