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phew, the scrolling through the chapters is VERY clunky ^^ and it looks like i can play five of them? Oo pls clarify me XD 

or is the black and white just the style of the level? XD 

so i just can click chapter one, i guess..i'll try ^^ 

but the scrolling... :P 

okies...the music and atmosphere is awesome! and u got me good with the goatface XD 

i guess the limbo-like-style is for good reason ;) i really like those type of games, where u can overthink some things in ur life, no matter if u have depression or not...these type of games r the golden ones <3 

just the flickering shouldn't be SO present, it could cause some motion sickness for one or another ^^ 

and well...the scrolling... XD 

i'm very curious to see the full game and till then...good progress and take care ;)

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Thanks for the comment. It is very responsive and shouldn't be clunky at all in the chapter selection screen. You only need to hover over Chapter 1 in the chapter selection screen and then click on QUCKPLAY>, this demo only contains a part of Chapter 1, the rest is only available in the full version. Cheers, i hope you enjoy the game and look forward to your playthrough! *EDIT* added a description now in the top* Thank you for feedback.

Thank you, you can learn more about the the game and add to your wish-list on Steam here:

Yes the game is very atmospheric and thought provoking, each chapter will also bring unique mechanics. It has been compared to Ori and Limbo before look wise. But i promise Gameplay wise, my game is nothing like any of those games. Anyway thanks for playing and have a nice day! :)


thanks for the quick response :D i already added it to my steam wishlist ;) 

but is it called deep rest or deadwood? cuz it's not that obvious ^^ 

have a nice one 2 ;)

Awesome! It is called "Deep Rest" indeed.

Deadwood is the place inside the game that the different worlds revolve around! Cheers and thank you once again :)

I've released a patch and re uploaded the game, all minor bugs, including the menu one you mentioned has been fixed, and some new content has been added as well. Check it out if you want