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thanks for the quick response :D i already added it to my steam wishlist ;) 

but is it called deep rest or deadwood? cuz it's not that obvious ^^ 

have a nice one 2 ;)

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phew, the scrolling through the chapters is VERY clunky ^^ and it looks like i can play five of them? Oo pls clarify me XD 

or is the black and white just the style of the level? XD 

so i just can click chapter one, i guess..i'll try ^^ 

but the scrolling... :P 

okies...the music and atmosphere is awesome! and u got me good with the goatface XD 

i guess the limbo-like-style is for good reason ;) i really like those type of games, where u can overthink some things in ur life, no matter if u have depression or not...these type of games r the golden ones <3 

just the flickering shouldn't be SO present, it could cause some motion sickness for one or another ^^ 

and well...the scrolling... XD 

i'm very curious to see the full game and till then...good progress and take care ;)