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the dlsite version would be censored, and each sequel in the damsel quest series answers questions left unanswered in the previous one.
first game had ren kidnapped, but you're never told who did it or why,

2nd game ends without emi being cured so thats the driving force of the plot of the 3rd game.

So there is no more uncensored version of DeepGround Lab anywhere?

I understand your point about the 2nd game ending without Emi being cured but then why conclude it with "and they lived happily ever after" if the story didn't end here?

because it hadnt been thought up yet.

I thought so. This is why I suggested you to update the ending now that the story has been continued. You know, to prepare the player who completes Damsel Quest 2 to continue on Damsel Quest 3. :-)

nah, it feels crass to do so...

How is it crass?