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its probably not flagged as windows.
i'm keeping both versions because the original version that crashes in the boss fight for some people portrayed the scene in the fight a little bit better.

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Ah, now I was able to install the september version from Itch app, thank you for having fixed the issue. :-)

Is the game breaking boss fight bug the one that I read about making some people's game crash when the prettier younger hypnotist twin uses Kenzie's name to hypnotize her?

And if you want to keep both versions available, could you at least mention the year of the february version exe in order for people to be able to know which one is the lastest? :-)

it is the hypnosis fight

Thank you for having taken my feedback into consideration to mention the year in the exe file, I appreciate it. :-)

And how did you change this fight in the new version?

i think i added a skip but it's been a long time... the error was stack level too deep, but ive only ever seen that done with duplicate scripts with the same name. so it could be anything, i always got the feeling that maybe my events were overloading it somehow but i just dont know enough to figure out the actual cause.

Did you consider my request to move your games to RPG Maker MV for significant improvements like many other RPG makers have made?

i absolutely despise MV... i can't even do frame by frame animation in it

Did you try it with plugins to extend the default possibilities of the engine? RPG Maker MV is loved because it allows to customize its features with JavaScript plugins and by now, there are already a lot of plugins available to customize your games like you never were able to before MV, for example, I have searched "RPG Maker MV frame by frame animation plugin" for you and look at what I found!

Keep this website up your sleeve, it can provide you a lot of plugins to do what you want in your games. ;-)

Anyway, now that I have found a plugin to create a set of frame by frame animation in MV for you, are you going to move your games to MV to enhance them? Or is there something else that you despise in MV that I need to find a remedy for you to make you change your mind about MV? :-)

I really want that you move your games to MV because I am used to play MV games and I can tell you how much better they feel than VX Ace in which I feel restrained. If MV lacks something that you want, then there is probably a plugin to add it. So I am willing to find remedies to cure your hatred of MV if it motivates you to move your games to it and get significant enhancements. So is there any other obstacle to overcome in order to motivate you to do it or is the plugin to create a set of frame by frame animation enough for you to appreciate MV? :-)

i did do frame by frames in it, but it couldnt load the images quick enough so the pictures flickered.

I feel the opposite, I've never properly enjoyed any game in mv because im accustomed to ace... and i was resistant to use ace at first because it didnt have scripts i liked in vx... but i finally bit the bullet and moved.

either way... i have no intention of exposing myself to the hell of porting all my projects to mv.