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Use person.lastsexday instead of person.metrics.lastsexday. Lastsexday does not exist in the metrics dictionary.

Tried that, and I still get "Null" in the speech. The console gives the following new error:

SCRIPT ERROR: talkKegels: Invalid operands 'Object' and 'float' in operator '/'.

At: user://mods/AricsExpansion/scripts/

Here's the current relevant line in (sans tabs)

if person.sstr*2 + person.lastsexday + capacity + rand_range(0,10) >+ rand_range(50,100)/capacity:

(1 edit)

My first thought is >+ should be >= (someone missed holding down the shift key).

(2 edits)

Oh hey, that fixes it. Cool.
I also fixed another bug I found in the mod that prevented slaves with wits below 0 from even talking to the PC.
Enjoy the updated mod.
Woops, forgot to enable sharing. Should be open to everyone now.

Also, I've encountered some other bugs. One leads to a divide by zero issue when doing the Kegels talk.