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I can't stop playing this. Seriously. If you do something about being able to grab the enemies and basically cheat your way through, at least have an option to keep it. Though cheap, it's incredibly satisfying. But seriously. This is the most satisfying VR experience I've had yet, and I've had a lot of them.

Also, is there any way to skip the "beginner" waves every time I start up the game? I play this a lot and would rather just jump into the action.

And if possible, could you add an option to choose specific weapons to play with? I like the random selection, but an option to play that way as well would be lots of fun.

All those things will be in place when the game launches on early access, this is only a basic tech demo for the game! Glad you like it though!

Fantastic! Any timeframe on when that will be? I need more! Haha. :)

Hopefully in January, we'll see!

Can't wait.