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This review contains spoilers for the game.

I do like the idea and especially the atmosphere, but the game is incredibly frustrating.

For those wondering how you are even supposed to beat the game: there are hidden areas behind walls that give you additional health potions, if you do not collect those, you will die at the first mini-boss, the same way as @Grimbag.
It took me 6 attempts to beat the final boss, just to get sent to some kind of void in which I couldn't move. After a minute of trying to figure out what to do, I accidentally killed myself (idk how I pressed all buttons).

The combat also lacks any kind of depth. Attacking is the only valid option at any given time, as any action has a 1:1 relation to a counteraction from the enemy. So defending or confusing the enemy essentially just stalls the fight. I though that enemies might have so pattern that I'd have to learn, but I couldn't figure out any, it seems to be completely random. Potion-chugging is the way to go.

With the negatives out of the way, I have to say, that overall, I enjoyed it. Finding the secrets, persevering, and trying new tactics, was fun, if a bit clunky ;) With a bit of polish this could be great.

I would've really loved to know what's at the end though. If anyone beat it, let me know.

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First of all, Thanks for the review

About the issues... This game was made in a week for a game jam  so I didnt have the time for polising and testing so i know it has a lot of bugs.

But Ive worked on an improved version that will be released when the jam ends on April 22 (I cant edit the game page until the jam concludes) where Ive fixed all the bugs known, balanced the game and added all the endings.

I now finally had the time to play the full version, and got to the end. I got "Deceived". I am curious what the other endings might be. There is a wall that I'm pretty sure has a secret behind it, but I couldn't open it. Also in the final fight, I saw that one of the potions had a weird description. Maybe I'll replay it someday. Love the mystery. Also: still love the artstyle and atmosphere. Some of the problems mentioned in my first review persist, but I still really like the game overall.

You've got yourself a fan ^^

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I managed to get the third ending 


To get it you need to touch the wall opposite of the big demon door down the stairs. There is a big room with the lion, bird and snake symbols. You can walk through the giant lion head in the centre to find a purple flask. Once you kill the queen, behind the throne there is an angel statue with a fountain, if you click it you pour the purple potion into it and throw the sword in it. Then you leave as you normally would and get the ending.

Have no clue how to get the 1st ending tbh, maybe it has something to do with the green flasks.