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I now finally had the time to play the full version, and got to the end. I got "Deceived". I am curious what the other endings might be. There is a wall that I'm pretty sure has a secret behind it, but I couldn't open it. Also in the final fight, I saw that one of the potions had a weird description. Maybe I'll replay it someday. Love the mystery. Also: still love the artstyle and atmosphere. Some of the problems mentioned in my first review persist, but I still really like the game overall.

You've got yourself a fan ^^

This review contains spoilers for the game.

I do like the idea and especially the atmosphere, but the game is incredibly frustrating.

For those wondering how you are even supposed to beat the game: there are hidden areas behind walls that give you additional health potions, if you do not collect those, you will die at the first mini-boss, the same way as @Grimbag.
It took me 6 attempts to beat the final boss, just to get sent to some kind of void in which I couldn't move. After a minute of trying to figure out what to do, I accidentally killed myself (idk how I pressed all buttons).

The combat also lacks any kind of depth. Attacking is the only valid option at any given time, as any action has a 1:1 relation to a counteraction from the enemy. So defending or confusing the enemy essentially just stalls the fight. I though that enemies might have so pattern that I'd have to learn, but I couldn't figure out any, it seems to be completely random. Potion-chugging is the way to go.

With the negatives out of the way, I have to say, that overall, I enjoyed it. Finding the secrets, persevering, and trying new tactics, was fun, if a bit clunky ;) With a bit of polish this could be great.

I would've really loved to know what's at the end though. If anyone beat it, let me know.