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Hi there,

This looks indeed weird, it might be due to rounding the canvas size in order to get the 32x32 frame size. Could you check if this issue occurs when using a 400x400 canvas?

Hi, I had already tried that earlier and it did work when putting canvas size to 400x400 so it outputs a 100x100 sized frame.  

I've tried it with different settings, here's the output frame sizes and whether the animation is broken or not:

32x32 - fails 

48x48 - fails

60x60 - succeeds

62x62 - fails

64x64 - fails

65x65 - suceeds

75x75 - succeeds

100x100 - succeeds


So that definately has to do with size rounding, I've added it to the todo list and should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the report!