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If the folder is empty and you had a crash, that means your system closed the app without issue from within the game. Nonetheless, the crash you mentioned was fixed a few patches ago as confirmed by several testers from our Discord server.

Well, again, I have no reports. Upload your crash report somewhere and send me the file. You can find your crash reports here: My Documents/My Games/Stay Safe/Logs. 

The visual glitch is fixed. There wasn't a crash report (is your firewall disallowing file uploads?) but I had others report something similar, this should be fixed. Thanks, have fun!

Been a while since I had a crash. Was getting bored ;) will check it out. Thanks.

Oh yeah, you can target yourself (especially easy when the spell is an area of effect). What I can do, however, is give a little warning if you're in the target area so you think twice of damaging yourself! On the other hand, soon I will be adding absorption shields (so you absorb certain damage types) and targetting yourself might be part of your strategy. 

Nonetheless, I will see what I can do to make accidental suicide a little more difficult. There is an achievement related to when  your character kills itself, haha.

Aaaaah! So close! Haha  sorry, I had to laugh, that's pretty funny! Was it Explode, or something?

Hello! Yes, your progress will be safe. It is okay to update. :)

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Hi again! I just wanted you to know I fixed that problem! You tried to deconstruct a legendary weapon! I hadn't considered that someone would haha, but it's fixed in the next patch! Thank you!!!

EDIT: patch is live, fixing this issue. v0.54.1

Ooh that's a shame! Was following your progress on twitter. I'll look at the report and get a fix out as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your time!


Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you like it so far. I'd like to answer a few of your concerns!

First of all, as of this writing, many of the spells are being rebalanced. The fear spell is, indeed, a bit too handy!

The ranged weapons, including the wand, do have a shortcut! It will show up above your Mana points (next to your health!), depending on the hand you equip it it'll - by default - be either left Shift or left Control button. 

Yes, the recipe book - and crafting in general - needs updating. Currently, you can find various recipe scrolls throughout the game, there are some items you can only craft but I wonder if the benefits of having the item outweigh the frustration of actually trying to find the ingredients! Needless to say, as you put it, it's pretty useless right now and I'm committed to fixing it really soon.

The saving game thing is something that I am working on but it'll take some time. I don't have a definitive ETA to give on it but will definitely post an update on it when it becomes a reality.

All in all, you had some valid points I'm taking into account. Thank you again for your time and I'm happy you liked it!

Yes you would need to be stunned first for that potion to work. 

You raise some valid points. A crafting material bag is actually a fantastic idea! I will add this in a update soon.  Thanks for the input - valuable as always, Lars.

Ah gotcha!

The "Strange Potions" are unidentified, you have to use them once to identify them in the future. Under normal circumstances, it'll never show you exactly what it does (not even points it could heal). Once used, it'll show up as identified any time you come across them in the future. Nonetheless, I'll do another pass over them to make sure it's not weird in any way. 

I'll definitely check to make crafting more interesting. The stacking of items is something I chose not to have on purpose, but, with the various items in the game and limited space to really be useful, the strategic element is outweighed by the frustration. I'll add it to the to-do for a major redesign.

Sorry to hear your crash didn't come through! I'm working on a larger patch as we speak, hopefully it'll run more stable. 

Thanks for your reply, this really helps me out. Thank you for your time. 

Hey Lars.

First off, thanks for playing! I'm still developing the game and some of the systems need a little more info. With this feedback, I can get a bit closer to a better communication of some of them. Thaks!

I'm unable to see any of your crashes in my crash events. Are you up to date? I update very frequently as I have many testers reporting various funny things. Perhaps some of the issues you've had are already fixed?

Yes, figuring out which code generates a gem is excatly part of the game. This gives you a good advantage and a way to consistently create items again that may not be normally obtained in regular play. You did it right.

I'm curious with the potions how they are not what they say they do! If you have any examples of this, I'd love to hear it. They're carefully worded in ways that gives you an idea of what they inflict, heal or whatever.

Spell system is absolutely a work in progress in a way that it needs a lot of balancing. Only with the help of testing am I able to get a good idea of what is working or not.  In the latest version of the game, the amount of times you need to use a scroll is greatly changed. Perhaps updating the game could give you a better experience (you should be getting a notification in the game if the game has an update for you).

Anyway, thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback. Hope you had an enjoyable time, despite some issues here and there! :)

Thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out! ;)

Interesting! Are you on the latest version? It received a patch yesterday (0.53.1, you can see it on the bottom of the title screen). Nonetheless, that seems like an issue with keybinds and I have already received your crashlog. Hope to fix it today, will let you know! Thank you so much!

Wow that's super weird! Definitely not how it is supposed to be. I will look into this and push a patch out asap, today hopefully. Thanks for letting me know!

Stay Safe

Stay Safe

The beginning of Stay Safe

Thank you for your offer! I've already got an artist who makes sprites from time to time. :) I'll let them know!

That's really nice to know! Thank you for your time!

Thank you for your honest and well put response! I appreciate you took the time to play through and then write down your thoughts.

Yes, ability to skip or speed up on animations will be added for the release. There's a couple of things I need to finetune and UI flow is one of them. 

Yes, there is a compare already in game. If you're highlighting an item, you can use the Compare tool. On keyboard, this would be holding down the Shift button. There should be a controls UI hint at the bottom of every window. Of course, the compare tool itself will need some updates (highlight the better item etc.), so it's a work in progress.

Yes, an easy mode is a great idea. You can already do this manually; there's a tweaks.txt file in the Mods folder that you can edit. Of course, this won't let you rank in the leaderboards but will make the game bearable in some areas. I will add a proper easier mode later on when the game is feature complete. This includes a save game option!

It's great to see you're expecting the things I am set out to add. This gives me confidence! Hopefully, in the near future, I can make another hour of entertainment for you. Thank you!

Hey! Just seen the video! Really honored you made a video and super thankful for the valuable feedback you've given me. The game is continually being updated, so definitely check for the latest release when you've got time! 
By the way, there's an option in the settings to turn off the "file generation" feature. Useful, because it just uses key presses and doesn't open any file dialogs and it might work better with your recording software. Anyway, thanks a lot man! Appreciated!


I don't see anywhere to do this but it would be nice if we can customize in how many rows/columns the PNG spritesheet exports as. For a paid job, I'm required to make the animation on a single row, so I'd have to move everything around after exporting it.

If there's an option already, then I don't see it.

Thank you, this is perfect. Good work on the tool, very useful.

Hi, I had already tried that earlier and it did work when putting canvas size to 400x400 so it outputs a 100x100 sized frame.  

I've tried it with different settings, here's the output frame sizes and whether the animation is broken or not:

32x32 - fails 

48x48 - fails

60x60 - succeeds

62x62 - fails

64x64 - fails

65x65 - suceeds

75x75 - succeeds

100x100 - succeeds

Without buying this first, is there documentation or overview of the JSON it exports? Making sure I can work with it in my engine.

Yeah, same parameters. I just changed the canvas size so it's 100x100 per frame. Thank you for looking into it!

Hello, thanks for the quick reply. The 100x100 standard canvas are giving the correct results (spritesheet and GIF as well). Anything smaller than this doesn't work., I'm afraid.

I'm on Windows 10, 64bit. I am not using any DPI scaling or any other artificial scaling. I'm running the latest gpu drivers (AMD RX 580).

Hope this can be resolved. Thank you.

Just yesterday I got the software and was trying to get an effect rendered as 32x32 frames. See below.

The Scale settings etc are as follows:

The outcome is a very bizarre looking effect, check it out.

It is supposed to look like this:

The spritesheet this effect produces is also absolutely broken, trying to get the spritesheet in, say Pyxel, produces the following animation:

I can't really use the software like this. I tried exporting a 100x100 frame animation, but this also has the same very shaky and weird effect. Is there a setting I'm missing?