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I don't see anywhere to do this but it would be nice if we can customize in how many rows/columns the PNG spritesheet exports as. For a paid job, I'm required to make the animation on a single row, so I'd have to move everything around after exporting it.

If there's an option already, then I don't see it.

Thank you, this is perfect. Good work on the tool, very useful.

Hi, I had already tried that earlier and it did work when putting canvas size to 400x400 so it outputs a 100x100 sized frame.  

I've tried it with different settings, here's the output frame sizes and whether the animation is broken or not:

32x32 - fails 

48x48 - fails

60x60 - succeeds

62x62 - fails

64x64 - fails

65x65 - suceeds

75x75 - succeeds

100x100 - succeeds

Without buying this first, is there documentation or overview of the JSON it exports? Making sure I can work with it in my engine.

Yeah, same parameters. I just changed the canvas size so it's 100x100 per frame. Thank you for looking into it!

Hello, thanks for the quick reply. The 100x100 standard canvas are giving the correct results (spritesheet and GIF as well). Anything smaller than this doesn't work., I'm afraid.

I'm on Windows 10, 64bit. I am not using any DPI scaling or any other artificial scaling. I'm running the latest gpu drivers (AMD RX 580).

Hope this can be resolved. Thank you.

Just yesterday I got the software and was trying to get an effect rendered as 32x32 frames. See below.

The Scale settings etc are as follows:

The outcome is a very bizarre looking effect, check it out.

It is supposed to look like this:

The spritesheet this effect produces is also absolutely broken, trying to get the spritesheet in, say Pyxel, produces the following animation:

I can't really use the software like this. I tried exporting a 100x100 frame animation, but this also has the same very shaky and weird effect. Is there a setting I'm missing?