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I've replayed the game again!

I've loved all the new CGs, and I've already seen the new ending (A pity that if you know the "True Ending", it seems sad, although it seems the only way to have a "Happy Ending" in this game).

And I have to say that you have overcome to yourselves, I loved that you explained better what happened to the three friends thanks to the pictures of the "True Ending".
I still feel sorry for Easter, while I love the game (A dramatical end, worthy of a delightfully cruel game (This is a praise)).
I want to see your next game (I follow you on twitter), I hope that the main characters can have a real happy ending (If you want, you do the game, and you have the right to do it the way you want... But if you do it as dramatic as this, you will make me cry... Again(T_T)).
I will comment again when you do something again!


Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked all the new stuff!! :D And some of the new explanations for things that had happened were directly because of some of the feedback you gave me before!

It is, indeed, not really "happy" no matter what ending you get. I'm still working on shaping the entire story for my next game--I have much of it done, but parts of it keep shaping and evolving even as I'm working on it (the same way Easter did when I was working on it), so even I'm actually interested to see the way it finally turns out in the end, ahaha. Though it's still a ways off because there's only one me and I'm also so busy with work and other stuff, alas. But it's slowly starting to come together!

Thank you for all the support!! :)