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had fun, thanks! (didn't figure out how to unlock 18-20)

First; you can type on the title screen and on level screens.

Second; the 3 icons on those levels give clues. The first one shows 9 underscores, the second is a reversed musical note, the third is a 5x4 grid with all but the last 3 boxes filled in.

Good luck. :)

More hints:

1. _________ is, not coincidentally, the title of the game. But what letters do those underscores represent?

2. The clue here is a reversed musical note, and do you notice anything about the ingame music?

3. There is only one place you'll find a 5x4 grid in the game and it shows a picture depicting what phenomenon?

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Still don't get the music hint. Also tried everything could think of for #19 to no avail. Did get three yellow words but nothing came of that.

edit: Got one for a different film too. Still having trouble figuring out.