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Pipe Puzzle Solution

Today I made the pipe puzzle fill with the fluid shader when it's solved! It's possible to tweak how fast this fluid moves around and its scale but I decided to leave that until the end as it's more important to get a finished game done before making it look pretty.

I also utilised libgdx's TexturePacker to put all our pixel art in a TextureAtlas. The atlas has a map of all the regions on the atlas texture and initially reads them from atlas files generated by the TexturePacker. Russ now gives us sprites as separate images so that the packer can do all the work. This way if we change the size of sprite images or remove some unnecessary ones we don't have to change anything in the code. It also makes the code cleaner!

Next up I want to introduce a timer, and a pipe on the side that effectively counts down until the fluid enters the grid and starts filling segments while you're still solving.