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I honestly don't remember how many months has it been. Whenever i search any new games at itch that i would love to play, I would always come back here to see if anything is available . Be it, extended demo or full release of this game.

In one of the comments that i saw said full game is Scheduled to be at the beginning of the next year. ... *smile* Looking forward to it. I really love and enjoy this game. 

Ahhh thank you so much! Our team is super happy ; v ;b

While the full game will still need a while -sweats- we have an Extended Demo scheduled at the end of this month! Even though it only has a tiny bit more story content, there are many other things that have been polished, such as colored CGs! >w<b


Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to see it. *smile* 

It is worth for me to keep checking the game even it takes long. As long as it is still continued, I'll be looking forward to it. 

Can't wait to see the extended one. It is demo after all. I understand. I want to feel and see it full in the full game. lol. I can be so weird. *laugh* Glad to see wonderful news. *smile*

We're definitely trying our best to keep it up and give you guys regular updates along of our development journey >w<b Thank you so much for the continuous support :D!

No worries. It's my pleasure to do so. *smile*