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No worries. It's my pleasure to do so. *smile*

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to see it. *smile* 

It is worth for me to keep checking the game even it takes long. As long as it is still continued, I'll be looking forward to it. 

Can't wait to see the extended one. It is demo after all. I understand. I want to feel and see it full in the full game. lol. I can be so weird. *laugh* Glad to see wonderful news. *smile*

I honestly don't remember how many months has it been. Whenever i search any new games at itch that i would love to play, I would always come back here to see if anything is available . Be it, extended demo or full release of this game.

In one of the comments that i saw said full game is Scheduled to be at the beginning of the next year. ... *smile* Looking forward to it. I really love and enjoy this game. 

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That's okay ☺. Don't be weird 😂. There must be something wrong then. :( If you still have checked, tested and still has all endings, then who knows? (??) 🤔 Hmm.... Maybe others won't have any problems like that at all.  (??) 😊Btw, I'm on Mac version. I use Mac too. But you don't have to worry since you said you have tested. :) Others might not have that kind of problem at all. No worries. 😊You can forget that then. :)

Thank you for your reply again. 

Lol. You won't believe this. or may be you will? I don't know. But my actual first choice for your game was holding him off and pull back which i get the ending of eddie skin shedding. I also even check back to see if true ending could be triggered after seeing every other endings but still got the shedding thing.

Oh well, guess i'll just have wait and see the new version then. Cool. Thanks for the specific btw. :)

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Thank you for your reply. :) 

Now i can see why you describe 6 endings. Two genders. ok. 

I have seen (1) Eddie skin, (2) monster house but not specific ending in both genders. 

I know there must be at least another ending due to the images you had posted.

But i really can't find the third ending with the choices that you had given for this version of the game. I would say i really can't get the third ending that you had mentioned no matter what in any ways such as 1-1,1-2,2-1,2-2 and so on like multiplying mathematic in every directions till the story reaches the end. 

Or maybe i still did something wrong even though i had tried every choices in every possible ways till the end? If you still has the ending that was supposed to be there even after you check, play then creating the guide for that particular ending would be great caz there aren't any error codes popping up for me to sent you to correct. So either you forgot to code or there is some unique way to get that? But i do have try everything though. So, i don't know ....

But overall, i think the game is pretty cool. The background story for the character with the crush, Javier, the girlfriend, creepy or horror - sure in both genders but this is what your theme is right from the start :) 

Even though i can't find and get the real ending that was supposed to be there, which i really try to find as i had described above btw, i am not disappointed or anything at all. I know programming and all can be confusing but the ideas you present can be seen clearly. :) 

You do help great. Thanks again for clearing things up for me. Will put this game on the profile. Glad that i checked this game out. :)

is it just me or there's only real 2 bad endings, if include both genders kinda would be like 4 bad endings. And i'm pretty sure any choices would just only lead to those endings and pretty much can't do anything on surroundings. Did i miss something? caz i know i don't. If i am, pls reply caz i want to know all endings.

I'm impressed really. Glad to find another game like this that doesn't have typos like some yaoi games do. Love this game. Cool background scenes, characters, story plots and really appreciate that voices are also being included even in the demo. Love this game. Really looking forward to play full release of this game.

OMG. Love the background scenes. I am loving the demo already. Can't wait to play full release of this game. 

Cool. Thank you and glad that you think that way. 

I'll be looking forward to buy and play the game. 

Thank you for reply and concerns. But don't worry. i would still play the game even if there are bad endings that would crush me. During the time i was commenting for this game, i was still a little bit shaken by one of the bad endings of the game called Beyond Eden, which i still love the game even though the game is not that very romantic  :) I am really sorry if my comment disturb you. :)