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just to make sure~~~ are these the actual endings or are there more? [I'm kinda suspicious of the "4 endings" info you gave...

1 Missed

2 forgive

3 survivor

4 hope

I'm just saying this okay? 

I loved the game a lot and when I played the game and going on the saving may route, I was just constantly saying "I JUST WANT TO HUG MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY BEAN!!!!! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME DO DE HUGS?!?!?!" and then when I finally got the option to hug I was like "FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!"

I'm sorry....I just love it so much ;-;


Haha I feel you I want to hug her too ToT

Yep! Those are the 4


Oh my god you replied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thanks for the info!!

I hope you can make more wonderful, creative, and relatable games like this in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!