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Kenjii Wolfred

A member registered Mar 05, 2018

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dsjhafoegfou No surprise here, Nami always makes the best games~ A  bit take aback from the "sexual content" warning, but really hyped to play the game!

no prob

right click the zipped file and go to 7-zip then choose extract (name of game)

and there ya go

This game was just uploaded 4 hours ago and this is the first time I've went back online in this website XD the coincidence is surreal...

We need more High Quality games like this :D

is the game finished??? I swear I played the whole game for like 3 or 4 times already XD

if the last monster girl is already included and the game can be 100 percent accomplished then please inform me QwQ

the last time I played was when I was already at 95% and the game then told me that that was the end of the game at the moment QwQ

please say that it's finished cuz it's already may 31 owo

I see you're an Ed Sheeran fan too~~~ 

nice choice of music~

the first time I played it, I accidentally fell asleep listening to perfect by Ed Sheeran...

Anyway, Loved the game! It's very soothing, very heart-warming, and over-all very wonderful to play after a stressful day of dealing with stuff.

I hope you can make more games with heart-warming fells like this in the neer future!!!

Loved it!!!


oh ok! I'll goo check it out!

so yeehaw games, when will the last update be released? 

this might be a potentially stupid question :

no like ya need keys like esc., right? for the storage, settings, loot, etc. and what about the size? wouldn't it be such a hassle when the frame of the game is too small that you can't even pick your choice cuz the writings are too small?? [unless you gonna play in an ipad]

Oh my god you replied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thanks for the info!!

I hope you can make more wonderful, creative, and relatable games like this in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think you can dude. you need arrow keys and shit

No problem and thanks!!!!

I hope the game will be finished soon!!

(1 edit)

just to make sure~~~ are these the actual endings or are there more? [I'm kinda suspicious of the "4 endings" info you gave...

1 Missed

2 forgive

3 survivor

4 hope

I'm just saying this okay? 

I loved the game a lot and when I played the game and going on the saving may route, I was just constantly saying "I JUST WANT TO HUG MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY BEAN!!!!! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME DO DE HUGS?!?!?!" and then when I finally got the option to hug I was like "FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!"

I'm sorry....I just love it so much ;-;

Beautiful <3 I loved so much that I shared it to my friends and now they wont stop constantly asking me if they're a good friend or if I'm depressed XD I can't really relate to the story from may's side but I can relate to the main character's POV

Anyway, I loved this and I hope you make more wonderful content like this!!

P.S. I see that you also love Junji Ito's collection~~~ SAME!!!!!

omg I just saw this reply 


But yeah!! I played the whole game and all the other games nomnomnami did and also the latest one! her art-style id sho cute 😍😍😍

ahh thanks!! 

where can you find the second pic? is it in the volcanic Depths?

hey Yeehaw Games!!! I just wanna say that this is the best game I have ever played!!! And I have one question....How can you increase the slut level quickly?? I can't wait for your reply :)

DDLC all over again XD

i'm crying over the loss of the garden ;-;

please add a setting where we can change the gender of the narrator ;-; Jane wont talk to me cuz she keeps glitching out ;-;

i love the art so much!!!

so cute!

i played the game, and it was awesome! tho I think it could use some more variety, but rather than that it was great! hope you improve over time! <3

where did you download lonely wolf treat 2 and 3?!!??!?!