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Thanks for playing! In the game I’m working on now (which is a retelling/continuation of this one), Dan will have his own route ;)

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Yes please! Where can I follow the sequel? :D I just really want to know when it will come out! So sign me up!

If you follow me here on, you will be notified when the game comes out. I’m hoping to have the first chapter ready to play in August!  If you want to see WIPs and stuff, I post those on my Twitter.


Alrighty, thanks for letting me know! Already checking the Twitter out :3
And if you don't mind me being oh so nosy, how many chapters do you plan to fathom out for the sequel? :D 

No problem! I’m hoping to do 6 chapters, releasing a chapter every other month.


Thanks a lot! Can't wait for them to release!