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Thank you!

Thank you so much for letting me know what you think! I'm especially happy that you liked the bad endings. Those are some of my favorite scenes >:)

Todd and Connor both definitely have their own charms XD Thanks so much for playing!

I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

I'm glad you liked the game!

Thanks for playing!

Hello! This has happened with another player before, and updating their graphics card driver seemed to fix the problem. I hope that helps!

Thanks for playing all my games and letting me know what you think!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully Dan gets his time to shine one day, haha

No problem, I’m glad it worked!

I looked into it and it seems like this might be a problem with your graphics card. It's possible updating your card's drivers could fix the issue.

I also uploaded new zip files built with the latest version of Ren'Py, so please try running that version of the game instead :)

Hmm, I really don't know what would be causing this! The only thing I can think to do to try and fix it would be to delete the files and try a fresh download.

Have you tried pressing any of the buttons? If you press the top button and start the game, does the in-game text still look like that?

No problem!

Seren (and their gender identity) mean a lot to me, so I'm very happy when people accept them for who they are. Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks for the kind words! 

Full disclosure, though- Only part of the game (up until where the first bad end can occur) was released for the jam.  I wrote and coded the rest of the story afterwards. All total, the game took ~2.5 months to complete.

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xD Thanks for playing! This comment made me laugh.

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If you click the 'Download Now' button on this page you commented on or the game's page, there is a PDF called 'Red-Handed Robin Endings Guide.pdf' that you can download.

Hope that helps!

I'm glad you liked it!

No, there isn't an option to change their gender, sorry! Seren is nonbinary.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for playing! I’m glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing all three of my games :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Ah, thanks so much! Dex is a very good boy, haha.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of the game.

I’m glad you liked all the characters, minus Mr. G and Chadwell XD

As for the possibility of an OT3 route in a future game… We’ll let’s just say I’ve always imagined them as a package deal. 

Thanks so much for playing and letting me know what you think!

(Side note: Even though they’re not mentioned in the story, all the extra characters do have names. The elegant woman’s name is Aria.)

I'm glad you liked the game! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!

thanks so much for playing! I’m glad you liked all the characters. Good luck with the bad ends! XD

Wow, thank you so much for this comment! I’m so flattered to hear that my game might be nostalgic to someone. 

I’m happy you liked both Warren’s shy side and his mischievous side, haha.

thank you!

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing.

XD I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for playing.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing!