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Wow, released only 20 minutes ago?! I've never been this early! :D Can't wait to try out the demo! When is the scheduled release date, if there is one, that is? 

Alrighty, thanks for letting me know ^_^
I guess that's kind of a good thing I don't have this CG unlocked, then xD
Anyway, I LOVE this game. I pretty much adore every game you've worked on so far. At any rate, as soon as I've played through all the routes I'll let you know my thoughts about the game in more detail :D

You can be a Reaver to get Paris but sadly you can't be a Shika if you want to romance him

Oh, I see! So I unlock this one by scoring real high with Paris, right?

Hey there, just a quick question: on Page 3 in the gallery, the 1st CG is from whose route again? 

It was a brilliant decision! :D 
Of course I'm going to check it out! So don't you dare shoot yourself for that, I still need more games from you :P 

Oh man I totally loved it!!!! And oddly enough, I really liked the concept of the one and only Fake Fiance, haha :3 It was a great idea to have him "faceless" for the majority of the story, only to later on experience this "moment of realization and moving on" along with Shuna :D It really was a nice trick that made me feel all giddy haha

Oh alright, that does definitely make it all seem just a bit sweeter, maybe I haven't messed up completely ^-^

If you have the time, my email is I appreciate it a lot! 

I'm on Windows 10 and I'm pretty sure my computer perimeters are not the issue, maybe it's got to do with the resolution but perhaps we could discuss it further using emails, so that it doesn't get messy here on As you may have already guessed, I'm not here very often so I would reply much quicker using gmail as well

If you're not a composer that's not an issue at all! I could also provide you with many online music banks if you feel like it may help you out! I'm more than willing to help! :3 

Thanks again and yay, let's be excited together, then!

Hey there, I seem to be in quite a similar situation. (Then again, the fault may lie in my choices.)So, I don't get the chance to dance with Aldrich at the end of Chapter 3 (Oh, the terror ;-; ) because he prefers Leslie... It's not the only time I feel something go wrong though. I want to go along with Aldrich's route so badly, yet I can't even seem to get the chances to chat with him at times. That said, I'd prefer to be able not to go back to chapter 1 and play it all over again just so that I can romance Aldrich. And believe me, I love him so much, I'd be delighted to be able to follow through with his route! It's just that... It would be very sad to me if somehow I locked him out of romance and now I've just been going on with some unidentified route I don't even want to follow... 
I love this game so badly, same as the characters, all of them - thus it would be lovely if I could just be nice to them as well, without necessarily cutting off any possible romances. I feel like I'm such a meanie to Natalia now just so that maybe, maybe the route will somehow go back to Aldrich :c 
That's why I would be really grateful for some feedback as well - would it be okay for you to email me and help an otome-gamer in need? :3

The main issue aside, I have a problem with the gallery - I can't see it in its full size and the latest CGs are cut off, I can barely see them at all. Is there some way to scroll through the gallery? If there is, then I really can't seem to find it... 
And finally, it's just my personal opinion, but I find the music somewhat unfitting at times. Sometimes not dramatic enough, sometimes too dramatic. It gets repetitive at times as well. It stood out the most in Chapter 2. Again, it is just my opinion, but I'm sure you can manage a much better soundtrack nonetheless :P (Please don't take it the wrong way, I don't want to sound mean but I just can't find the right words to stay politically-correct ;-; )

Now that's enough with the bad stuff! 
I want to thank you
Thank you for creating such an entertaining game. At first I was a bit hesitant whether to play it or not, but now that I have, I am SO glad I downloaded it anyway! It's all I've been doing recently in my free time haha. I also love the possibilities to do this or do that and have it my way. I don't always get the feeling when playing otome games in general, but this time I definitely felt the sense of free-will. And that's one of the most important factors in role-playing games I think - giving someone a set of choices and showing them the result of their actions so that what they do matters  (in my case it's being unable to romance Aldrich apparently, yes, I can't help but be sour about it :') no no no, please don't look at me like that, I'm just joking! I love Arena Circus either way don't worry!).
What stands out the most to me in the game overall is probably the character creation and their personalities - they all seem so entertaining, with stories to tell, their flaws and quirks and their good sides too. It makes them feel alive. Even the side characters are charming! Yes, even that Santana bastard :P  And I just adore the little side stories the characters have, I mean hey, all these love triangles are so exciting ;) That Librarian though!
Anyway, I just want to get to know them more and more with each and every day that passes in-game!

To finish off, thanks again for allowing me to indulge in the game! I am so excited to see the full game once it's out! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and never stop doing what you love! I look forward to the release :)