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Few issues:
1) Please disable all unnecessary plugins. Like VR ones.
2) Text boxes clipping the text, or it being overlapped by character sprites.
3) When taking damage in air you getting pushed back for too much (sometimes 2 screens).

As an improvement I'd suggest you to make "smart" camera, that will shift in the direction of movement slightly. So player could see a little bit more screen in the front of the character.

Good luck with the development!

Straight on the point:

1. There's no unnecessary plugins.
2. UI/HUDs aren't responsive yet. This will be polished later.
3. Already fixed last year. 

This first demo is already (very) outdated. There was a lot of polishing work that haven't been done (did it only to get performance infos from Windows users, since I was using a Macbook to develop the game), but now changed drastically.

Right now I'm refactoring all the game and polishing the base gameplay. I used to post a monthly devlog on Tumblr, but since they changed their politics, I kept posting more often on my Twitter.