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I'll do it! Thanks!

Hey, thank you!

I'm glad to know that, and believe me, I'll develop a good and fun game!
Right now I'm working on things to make the game better, and I hope to release it ASAP. :)

Thanks again!

Straight on the point:

1. There's no unnecessary plugins.
2. UI/HUDs aren't responsive yet. This will be polished later.
3. Already fixed last year. 

This first demo is already (very) outdated. There was a lot of polishing work that haven't been done (did it only to get performance infos from Windows users, since I was using a Macbook to develop the game), but now changed drastically.

Right now I'm refactoring all the game and polishing the base gameplay. I used to post a monthly devlog on Tumblr, but since they changed their politics, I kept posting more often on my Twitter.


Hey, thank you!
Yeah, everything here is eating all my time. I'm trying to avoid that, and the only option is to raise some money to go full freelancer for a time. Leaving home to work at 9:00 am and getting back at 10:00 pm is no good, hahaha.

Hope to develop new things soon, want to build a new demo. Thank you for your support, you're amazing! :D

Hey, Ad! How're you?
Thanks for making this topic! I hope you played and enjoyed the demo!

I'm doing a 3D side scroller because when I started the project, was missing some games in this style (like Megaman). I remember that I was hyped waiting for Mighty No. 9, and I had to start developing a game for my course. So, I've decided to start a game project like these old platformers, but with 3D graphics.

And, as a beginner, it's more easily for me to work alone and finish the tasks. A full 3D game with detailed environments requires a lot of effort, and I can't hire people to help me out for now. I keep developing Mahou Go on free times, and I recognize that I am no good with 3D modeling or coding. So, I'm trying my best to do a full game, so I can learn how it works, hehe.

Also, I like to tell stories. Even a simple side scroller game could tell a good story, and that's the point. And the plan is to make a good plot and add some cool features to deliver a different and cool game. If you at least like old platform games a little, give me a chance. If not, you have better 3D adventures awaiting for you; I can't compete with them for this moment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at you. I have plans for a 3D game in near future, but now I'm focusing on finish Mahou Go.

Thank you very much! :D


Thank you very very veeeery much! I have no words to thank you, seeing you play made me so happy!

I'm excited to work more on the game to develop and deliver a good and fun game! So, stay tuned, there's more coming soon!

Thanks again! :)

Thank you very much! Things are getting better. I hope everything will be ok soon. :)

Hello, GixterTrixter! Firstly, thank you very much for playing this demo! I'm so happy to know that you liked it. This makes me want to grab my computer right now to continue developing it, haha. And, of course, I'll finish it!

Good to know that you loved all the cuteness. There's a good new for you: there'll be a lot more of cute things doing cute stuff! Hahahaha. I like to do that kind of thing. Right now, the game continue under development, so stay in touch for upcoming news and cuteness, yay!

And thank you very much for uploading a gameplay video! Hope to finish and deliver a great game for you.

A big virtual hug for you! :B

Hi Jiangyi! Thank you very much for playing the demo! This makes me smile, I'm so glad right now! I'll do my best to provide translations for the game. I'm already contacting some people to help me out with some localization things. So, I'm sure that we'll have Chinese, too! :D

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Hey, hello! :D

Thank you so much for playing my game. And thanks for this review! It means a lot for me. 

I'm so glad that you liked the graphics - as you have said, there's a lot of efforts into it since I'm a graphic designer, hehe. 

This is the first demo of my first game. My goal is to work more on AI and coding stuff this year. This version is short, I know, but it's all that I have developed in two years. Right now, I just have a MacBook, so... Things are a little harder for me, hahaha. Yep, this is not some kind of "excuse".

I had some stuff done in terms of gameplay, such as a magic system, where the abilities will be useful on some enemies and stages. The coins will be usable, too: there's a shop feature that allows you to buy things to increase magic, stats or help on some levels. But I had to remove from this demo due to some incompatibility on codes when I tested on Windows. After all, my main goal was to see if this game is running well on computer. I can't test it on my MacBook because of lags.

About the plot, it was removed (too..) from this version because of some recent changes and problems with this windows version. Everything worked well on Mac, where you push a button to advance the dialog lines. And, when I borrowed my friend'a notebook to build the game, I found a bug, so, the quick solution was to use a timer on every line. Sorry for that!

And sorry, too, for the bad english! Do you mind if I ask you where you found the grammatical errors? I want to adjust it (at least) as soon as possible. I just hate grammatical errors. :P

Also, did you find some bug or weird things while playing?

Again, thank you very much for playing it. You helped me a lot! Your gameplay and review made my day. I hope that I can develop a good and fun game.

Have a nice day! 😊