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Hi there! Glad you enjoyed my small silly project!

Sugar Stars doesn't include default RTP package and all of the files should be included within the game much like VX Ace, I'm pretty sure I double checked. You shouldn't need the engine to play it, I've tested it out on multiple devices. Regardless, RTP can be downloaded separate from the engine.  :) 

 I appreciate your feedback and I respect your preference! :) Unfortunately though, If you're asking me to remake the game in RPG VX Ace then,  I'm sorry to be direct, that won't happen. I would've had to learn an entire new coding language to change over and it would take well over a month to re-event and code and optimize everything for an engine I frankly don't really enjoy using. That includes re-scaling all of the tiles and characters, learning parallax mapping etc. Unfortunately IVXA or VX or MV just happen not to be my cup of tea nor what I enjoy using.

Thank you for playing and supporting me! I don't think you're calling me dumb lmao I know a lot of people don't like the fact that I use an older game engines but it's just what I enjoy using so I'm a bit firm on that.  It's just my own preference and I just can't justify using an engine I don't love. I hope you understand.


Oh I see! I'm sorry for wasting your time! TwT

No waste at all <3 I appreciate the feedback :)