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I believe dynamite has a bug, because when we're squatting, it always falls close to the character, so it happens when we're on the roofs of buildings.

Another possible bug is the collision area of the blast, sometimes even standing behind 2 walls, I die instantly, maybe the damage would be better if it was based on approaching the explosion, not just an instant kill even being far away.

The game is great, I played with my son and friends, it's excellent.

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Thanks! Yes, dynamite is bugged. What's actually happening is it is colliding with the player's third person head model, so it bounces off your own head while throwing. I had mostly fixed this in a version I uploaded yesterday (it still can happen while sprinting forward) but then yesterday's version caused major connectivity issues and I had to take it down.

I will be fixing this and other bugs soon in addition to adding more content.

Also, great idea for damage fall-off on the dynamite.

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I'm a gaming developer and I use Unity as well. To solve this problem, you can for example instantiate the dynamite with box collider disabled, however activate it only after 0.1f or 0.2f, I believe it should eliminate many problems.

An interesting way to solve this would be to create a layer for the player and another layer for other players, a third layer for the dynamite, then you go in the collision matrix deactivates the collisions of the dynamite with the player itself, leaving the other collisions active. Problem solved.

A hug and I'm looking forward to the new updates. Do you want to launch the game on Steam?


No plans for Steam at the moment, it's just a fun hobby project for the time being. If it gets more serious maybe I'd consider it. I think disabling the collider entirely would be problematic because it would allow for the occasional headshot to not register due to collision being disabled. The collider would need to be disabled long enough for the dynamite to pass through, so it couldn't just be 0.00001f to make the odds of that bug extremely unlikely.

There probably is a solution that could be found with layering but the easiest method might just be to instantiate the dynamite slightly further in front of the player. Of course, there are already quite a few layers, etc. setup that ignore raycasts, etc.


When I mentioned turning off the colliders, it's just dynamite, not the player, which is a simpler solution than working with the separate layers.

The time of the box collider of the dynamite off, is only to avoid that it collides with the player in the launch.
Player colliders remain normal. But that could cause the dynamites to grab the walls. So it's a temporary solution.

On the dynamites, I believe that only 1 in the match, is enough, COD MW1 only uses 1 also, depending on the amount of players in the match, each 1 with 3 dynamites, the game gets many explosions, which disrupts a little "pollution sound ".

How many people are creating the game?
What solution are you using for online, is Photon?

I intend to study more multiplayer in the future and I really enjoyed the performance in your game.