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Neither game is a remake of the other.  Both of them just use the same pack of 3D models which is sold by Synty Studios. Admittedly, this project heavily used assets sold for those purposes as noted in the description and never evolved much beyond a quick hobby level prototype. I got busy with life and work and wasn’t able to continue working on it.

Wow, I’m thinking about getting back into game dev when I have time but this was just a hobby project, glad you got some fun out of it!

The animations are mostly from the Kubold rifle and pistol packs. The sounds are from a pretty big mix of sources. I have two big sound packs from the asset store (I think one is called Pro Sounds and one might be Universal Sound FX) and otherwise I've just Google sounds to fill needs. These were mostly just on sale in the May Madness sale, would have been a good time to pick them up!


I disabled train movement for now due to multiplayer syncing complications.

No LAN but you can play online. Do people still play LAN in 2019? Those were the days haha.

Do you have 32 or 64 bit Windows?

You can actually turn off toggle aiming in the options, I agree playing with it off as well. The collider issues were fixed but then I broke my last version. I'll fix those along with various improvements in the next version.

I agree the particles should be more toony, they are placeholders for now. Thanks!

Does it not let you host a game online? I think some people have had issues since the last update, I'll be working to fix those and re-release this week.

Yep, more maps/eras/weapons are coming once I iron out some of the glitches. Bot pathfinding will be improved as well in future updates. Thanks!

No plans for Steam at the moment, it's just a fun hobby project for the time being. If it gets more serious maybe I'd consider it. I think disabling the collider entirely would be problematic because it would allow for the occasional headshot to not register due to collision being disabled. The collider would need to be disabled long enough for the dynamite to pass through, so it couldn't just be 0.00001f to make the odds of that bug extremely unlikely.

There probably is a solution that could be found with layering but the easiest method might just be to instantiate the dynamite slightly further in front of the player. Of course, there are already quite a few layers, etc. setup that ignore raycasts, etc.

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Thanks! Yes, dynamite is bugged. What's actually happening is it is colliding with the player's third person head model, so it bounces off your own head while throwing. I had mostly fixed this in a version I uploaded yesterday (it still can happen while sprinting forward) but then yesterday's version caused major connectivity issues and I had to take it down.

I will be fixing this and other bugs soon in addition to adding more content.

Also, great idea for damage fall-off on the dynamite.

I uploaded a new version yesterday that broke some things,  I removed it but looks like there are some new issues I still need to figure out. I'll fix it soon.

Key re-binding is on the long to-do list.

For the models - unlikely as I'm just doing this as a hobby/have a full-time job and using assets actually lets me put content together. I'm trying to improve it and add more content before any promotion efforts.

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Hay gente, pero acabó de ponerlo aquí, así que intentaré subir los numeros sobre tiempo con el desarrollo. Prueba otras regiones si no hay nadie, los de EEUU y Europa son los más populares (hay como 30+ personas en linea ahora sobre todas las regiones). Español no es mi primer idioma así que perdona mis errores de gramática.

Nice vid, killing em with that OP bow I see.

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Thanks, did that only happen once? I haven't seen that one before. 

Yep, someone else actually just requested the same. I'll include in the next circulation, but make no promises about how well it will run on PC's that are still running 32 bit OS's haha.

Thanks! I can't take credit for the graphical style though. It's a pack from Synty Studios, a talented producer of model packs.

Thanks! And yep, I actually have mostly fixed the bot pathing that was causing the to run out to the edges of the map and will include the fix in the next version I release this week.


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Thanks, the discord is a good place to find a few players, over time maybe the player base will slowly grow. The most active server is US East if you live reasonably close to that one, but US West and Europe seem to get some small games in peak hours too.

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I didn't steal anything and I'm not aware of the game you're speaking of, but feel free to shoot me a link to it. My guess is someone just used the same asset packs. 

The Synty packs in particular are very popular among these goofy hobby projects. I'm just having a bit of fun, this isn't meant to be taken too seriously.

Hmm. Were you both able to see any other games? I wonder if it could be a firewall issue. Also, I'm assuming his game was set to online when hosting?

Hey - two possible fixes. 1. Make sure you both have downloaded the latest version. 2 (most likely) - go to select region and pick the same region at the menu screen.

Thanks! And yep, it is very rough around the edges right now, I'm just trying to get some feedback for now.

Glad you liked it!