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The game often gets stuck in battle against a frostdevil when it casts barrier.

The frostdevil casts barrier and I can't do anything anymore, the game gets stuck on this spell, the word "Barrier" doesn't disappear and I can't do anything, I have to force close the game with Alt + F4, launch it again, and reload my last save in order to continue so I came to save every time I see a frostdevil because this annoying bug completely breaks the game.

Cassandra's arrows' name and description are written in german.

Thanks for the reports! Very sorry about the inconvenience :I I'm working hard on the next release with all the known bugs fixed.

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To escape battles crashes the game, there must be an error in the escape command.

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The dialogue triggered when I make Shawn interact with the Caleum's Ecclesia's altar is written in german.

The dialogue into the secret treasure room is also in german.

You present this game as "a 4th wall breaking RPG that makes its characters and the world surrounding them aware of the player" but this is not true as Alterna's inhabitants are not aware that someone from another reality interacts with them, you made the player be a guardian spirit, a bodyless entity from ancient tales who talks in Shawn's head, but this is still an inhabitant from Alterna, even if he is bodyless and talks in another inhabitant from the same reality's head, both the guardian spirit and Shawn are inhabitants from the same reality so this is not 4th wall breaking as Alterna's inhabitants are not aware of the player as someone from another reality who interacts with them, this is not 4th wall breaking if they are not aware of the 4th wall, the screen, between them and the player.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I like Numina, I just wanted to explain to you that the way you present it is wrong and so suggest to you to correct it accordingly if you want to be fair. ;-)

Please include a spoiler warning in your comment.

I understand your argument regarding the charaters but I don't agree at all that it constitues false advertising without even going into the plot but rather what the experience itself.

I didn't say anything that you didn't in your game description so I don't see how I spoiled anything.

I didn't talk about advertising, I just said that the way you present Numina is wrong because as I said, it is not 4th wall breaking if the characters are not aware of the 4th wall which is the screen between them and the player, they are not aware of the player's presence from another reality, and as I also said, I appreciate Numina, I'm just saying that its description is inaccurate. :-)

Ah yes, I forgot to mention it. Some dialogues skip themselves on their own and I don't have the time to read them.

The grappling hook doesn't respond at the coastal tower so I can't climb it. I move Shawn under the step and the "!" appears but when I press Enter, nothing happens, the grappling hook doesn't respond to the command.