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I loved this game so, so very much. Between this and A Hand in the Darkness, I am a big fan of your VNs. Please keep on making them: your storytelling ability, your characters, and the diversity in your settings make these games great.

If you do another Kickstarter or Patreon for another BL  VN, please let me know. I would be happy to donate as much as I can to support such a talented designer.


Aaaaaw, thank you, you made my day! <3

I have a Patreon right now, for my VN work and hopefully soon for my short fiction on Amazon. The next project after My Burning Heart won't need a KS campaign, but perhaps the next one will, so thank you so much for your support and your kind words!

I just saw this now and sponsored you on Patreon tonight! You'll be writing a piece of short fiction on Amazon? Exciting! I can't wait.