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I really value these visual effects, I think they make it much more realistic, I’m not going to remove them sorry :( I understand that in other games it might be distracting if you have an objective but that’s not the case here. i feel like having these options turned off just goes against the visual design of the game

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the issue is that these effects make the game run like crap on some computers, not that they are distracting

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Typical FPS is <10. If these effects were off, at least 15-30, depending on current location in scene.

HW: Intel i7-3820QM x8 @2.70 GHz, turbos to 3.48 GHz

nVidia Quadro K2000M with 2 GB VRAM, VFRAM usage with game is 0.9 GB, so VRAM is not the issue


Changing GFX settings in the game doesn't have anny effect, as the only issue are the effects. Runs the exact same on lowest settings at 1080p as with them all the way up and at defaults.


I'm sorry for not posting the minimum specs, but the issue is definitely your graphics card. I'll include in the description that at least a GTX 1050 ti is required for 60fps. I just searched benchmarking for a K2000M card and it's at least 1/10th of the power of a GTX 1060 3GB, which is what I built the game on. I think the game still would run badly for you even without the visual effects. I could optimize for lower end cards like yours but it would take away from the visuals too much, which is sort of the foundation of this game.


I second the suggestion to add a motion blur toggle. I understand it's part of the experience you designed, but I get a little seasick from it and it prevents me from enjoying the environment you built.

Of course if it's difficult for you to add the setting I understand, after all you released the game for free. I just think it's a worthy addition to your settings which are otherwise pretty expansive :)


I'm sorry about that, for this reason i'd definitely want to have an option to remove it. but I also feel like that would have some negative implications, such as people who hate motion blur by habit will also disable it, then my game won't look the way it is intended for those people (even though they can handle it). maybe in the future i'll figure this out, thanks for trying to play the game anyway!


This actually just happened to me, I loaded in and instinctivly went to turn off the motion blur. Im glad that I couldnt though because the blur did make the game look astonishing.

thanks dude, i'm glad you could still appreciate it even though it's not your preference

No no, I actually enjoyed not having the option to change it cause then the game wouldnt have looked as nice,  overall I really enjoyed the experience.