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I really love how polished the game already is, especially from an animation and UX point of view. I struggled a LOT with the first boss though, it's painstakingly difficult for a tutorial level, even if you know the patterns... you really have to hope you can pass the "see if you can dodge this" phase with enough HP to survive the rest! I noticed in one of Rocc's first appearances, he's identified as Rocc and not "???". There's also a typo in "existence" in that scene:

Great work, and congratulations for doing it with Godot - really excited to see what comes next, and this will definitely become a quality target to meet for my own Godot games.

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The Glimmering Woods

Hello! I'm Kyrio, a game AI programmer from France. This weekend, my friends and I made a short adventure game for Ludum Dare 46. It's called The Glimmering Woods, and we made all the art and code ourselves during the jam using tools like Godot, Aseprite and Tilesetter. Only the music and font are existing assets by Jason Shaw and Joeb Rogers, and you'll find links to those on the page. This is more or less our first released game, so we're pretty excited about people trying it and telling us if they'd like to see more 🙂


On a tiny island off the coast of Great Buttern
Lay the town of Pattyport and its starchy mansions
Good-natured were its people, but at an odd they’d turn
To mistrust, gossip and superstition.

Among those villagers was a lad of little fear
Who one day wandered into the woods up north
With wit and courage, yet he would not go forth
For a wounded creature was soon to appear.


Thanks for checking it out! If you participated too, I hope you had fun with your own entry.

I second the suggestion to add a motion blur toggle. I understand it's part of the experience you designed, but I get a little seasick from it and it prevents me from enjoying the environment you built.

Of course if it's difficult for you to add the setting I understand, after all you released the game for free. I just think it's a worthy addition to your settings which are otherwise pretty expansive :)